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5SOS – Genesis Half Time Show: NFL Fans vs 5SOS Stans

5SOS – Genesis Half Time Show: NFL Fans vs 5SOS Stans

5SOS put on an epic musical display Monday night when they performed for the Genesis Half Time Show for the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns on ESPN.

While fangirls everywhere pulled all nighters and anxiously waited for the band’s performance of their brand new song “Teeth,” football fans were not as pleased, taking to twitter to voice their displeasure. Although most complaints were more about the fact that the show was pre-recorded, and less to do with the undeniable talent the band showcased with their impressive high notes and bass tones.

‘Teeth’ is a brand new edgier track from 5SOS, following on the success of ‘Easier’ released earlier this year. It’s a darker sound for the band and fans are lapping it up, loving the rich bass tones courtesy of Calum Hood and beautiful high notes from lead singer Luke Hemmings. Put that together with the intense lyrics and a sick drum beat and you have a pretty awesome song.

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The fans who waited in anticipation, (using some pretty ingenious memes to show their reactions to watching the game just so they could see their favorites perform at half time) were not disappointed when the band took to the stage for their live (albeit pre-recorded) performance.

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It was an electric performance from the start, with all the boys showcasing their talents and an atmosphere to match the song.

It was also filmed in black and white which enhanced the sultry mood, and the cheerleaders used the beat to put on a show of their own with some impressive choreography.

The Real Battle Royale

While the battle on the field held an audience of approximately 30 million, the true battle royale went down on Twitter with sports fans and 5SOS fans taking hits at each other.

Whilst the adult NFL fans became childish in their criticisms, the 5SOS fans were quick to use their wit and sarcasm which made for hilarious reading.

Sarcasm was the theme with most reponses.

It’s safe to say it’s not wise to mess with stan Twitter as fans are fiercely loyal, dedicated and a little crazy … not unlike a football fan.

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Maybe we aren’t so different after all? Either way, the real battle was far more entertaining than what went down on the field. The adults really need to take some lessons in sportsmanship from their younger opponents.

In the words of the 5SOS fans: STREAM TEETH!

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Header Image Source: Genesis Half Time Show

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