Rihanna Will Get You More Into Books With These Brand New Releases!

Rihanna Will Get You More Into Books With These Brand New Releases!

Bad Gal RiRi just gave us gifts to add to our wishlist! She has announced that she will be releasing four editions of the “coffee table” book (Not to mention books that have taken her and her team five years to create). Each version contains photographs throughout her life as many things— a performer, a fashion icon, an actress, and an entrepreneur. Again, there are FOUR editions of the book which gives people options to choose from, and we’re here to help break each of them down for you!

Book 1: Rihanna

The “Rihanna” book contains 504 pages with over 1,000 color images. Not only is the cover super cute and fun, but it contains additional features such as bound-in booklets, a removable poster, and a custom-designed black carton to carry your book in!

Does this interest you? If so, click the link down below and pre-order yours now! Shipping for this book will begin October 24th!


Cover of the "Rihanna" book.
Image via Phaidon

Book 2: FentyxPhaidon

With never-before-seen images, “FentyxPhaidon” is a limited-edition book that consists of over 1,000 images and also 504 pages. Unlike “Rihanna,” the FxP edition includes a custom-made, steel book stand (“This Sh*t ls Heavy”) that was created with The Haas Brothers.

It also includes nine bound-in booklets, a removable poster (800 x 600 mm), and seven single and double-page gatefolds. Want the extra deets? Click the link below to read more about the book!

FENTYxPHAIDON. Shipping begins October 10, 2019.

Rihanna FentyxPhaidon
Image via Phaidon

Book 3: Luxury Supreme

Next up is the “Luxury Supreme.” You heard it right, sis! LUXURY SUPREME. What does this book include, you ask? Well, it’s in the name! This book has been signed by Rihanna and the Haas Brothers themselves and comes with a fancy table top titled “Drippy + The Brain.” This isn’t your typical table top either! Unlike the FxP edition, this stand is plated with 18-carat gold that weighs over 60 pounds!

Although it’s made up of the same amount of illustration and pages as the other books, the Luxury Supreme comes with a high quality book stand and larger book frame (656 x 500 mm which is fairly portrait size). Because of the gold used in the stand, the price of the sky rockets, but we’re sure it’s worth it. I mean, this is Rihanna we’re talking about, am I right?

LUXURY SUPREME.” Shipping begins November 20, 2019.

Rihanna Luxury Supreme
Image via Phaidon

Book 4: Ultra Luxury Supreme

Last, but certainly not least, is the Ultra-Luxury Supreme edition. You’d think it wouldn’t able get better after the Luxury Supreme, but it does. If you’re really feeling boujee, and rich, then this edition was made for you.

The Ultra-Luxury Supreme has similar features to the other editions, except this time it comes with another expensive gift. “Stoner,” a 42 x 40 inch marble pedestal, is included with the purchase. The unique sculpture was created in collaboration with the Haas Brothers, and was hand-carved in Nazare, Portugal with a special marble called Pele de Tigre. Despite its high price, this edition has proven to be worthy to customers, as it is currently sold out. Still interested in the details? Click the link down below!


Rihanna Ultra Luxury Supreme
Image via Phaidon

Is it worth it?

Despite Rihanna’s name, others question the book and creations’ worth regarding its high prices. Even though the prices may not be affordable to most of us, there is no doubt that Rihanna will finesse all of our coins somehow (Because she’s just powerful like that)! Evidently, prices go up as the quality of the material goes up, so technically we’re getting what we’re paying for, right? Maybe after a paycheck or two we’ll have enough to support our queen!

What do you guys think? How much are you willing to spend on Rih-rih? Drop your thoughts down below in the comment section!

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