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It’s National Hug A Drummer Day! Here Are 7 Drummers We’d Hug In A Heartbeat

It’s National Hug A Drummer Day! Here Are 7 Drummers We’d Hug In A Heartbeat

Today is National Hug A Drummer Day and we think it’s about time we took more notice of this holiday. Drummers really are great. It’s so frustrating when you’re at a concert and you’re lining up to try and zoom in to get a good picture of the drummer … and then a guitarist walks in the way. Yeah, move over, buddy. I got plenty of shots of you, I want to capture the underdog! If it were up to me, the drummers would be on a big platform so we could really see them getting into the beats they’re banging out. Anyway, to celebrate this magnificent event, here’s 7 drummers we’d hug in a heartbeat.

Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds of Summer)

Image Source: Ashton Irwin via Instagram

We love how involved Ashton is with the band. He’s got as much creative vision as every other member of 5SOS and knows what the band’s aims are. We’re so used to seeing the front person of the band with occasionally the lead guitarist take the reins, but the fact that Ashton takes just as much responsibility is refreshing to see. I also love that he’s making sure he has just as much interaction as his bandmates.

Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots)

Image Source: YouTube

One half of Twenty One Pilots, Josh Dun is a true performer. From back flips to drumming while crowd surfing, he truly takes putting on a show to a whole new level. Being part of a duo, Josh is a lot more exposed compared to other drummers, so the fact he has a mindset of always making sure that TØP stands out from other artists is truly admirable.

Otto Wood (Waterparks)

Image source: WQHS Radio

One third of rising band Waterparks, Otto Wood is an extremely talented and diverse drummer, with the ability to play a huge scope of rhythms and beats from his band’s eclectic catalogue. He has a shy and reserved personality but let’s be real, the shy ones are always the best!

Nia Lovelis (Hey Violet)

Image source: Blurred Culture

Nia is a huge inspiration for girls and young women everywhere. Hey Violet over the years has been a female-majority band and Nia has been their drummer since she was basically a child. She is a reminder that girls can do anything that boys can do, including banging out a sick beat on the drums and penning diversified songs. Just look at the music from their Cherri Bomb days to their more recent releases. She’s also always on social media to offer her pearls of wisdom to her fans.

Harry Judd (McFly)

Image Source: Drummers Zone

Oh, how we’ve missed him being behind that drum kit! McFly has recently announced their first album in almost ten years and I know that I – along with so many others – am so excited to see them back doing what they do best. When he’s not on stage with one of Britain’s most beloved bands of the 2000s, he’s waltzing his way to winning BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Talk about multi-talented!

Josh Devine (ZFG)

Image Source: IdolWiki

Formally known for his touring days with One Direction, Josh has basically followed suit with the boyband’s stardom and gained just as many fans as they did, despite only being part of the touring band. Now, as 1D take their hiatus, he’s part of his own band, ZFG (short for Zero Fucks Given). Though he spent the best part of five years playing pop music, he’s always been a rock drummer at heart and it may come as a bit of a shock to those who followed his previous work on just how different his sound his with a genre change.

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George Daniel (The 1975)

Image Source: Twitter

The 1975’s George Daniel is both a drummer and go-to producer, who is also arguable the key component in shaping The 1975’s sound. Though he’s more involved in the tech, these days, he’s still super talented and is keen on using a sampling pad to allow him to integrate samples into recordings which the band can edit in real-time when playing live. Told you he’s a genius.

So, if you manage to see any of these drummers today (or any other day), be sure to offer them a massive hug. Happy National Hug A Drummer Day, everyone!

Who’s your favourite drummer? Tweet us @THPMag and send them and us a hugging GIF!

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