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Yungblud and Dan Reynolds Team Up with ‘Original Me’

Yungblud and Dan Reynolds Team Up with ‘Original Me’

Yungblud Dan Reynolds Original Loser

Yungblud appears to be the face of the new British Invasion, taking America and the world by storm one revolutionary single at a time. And now he’s teamed up with none other than the legendary Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds, for his new single “Original Me.”

Each generation has a representative voice. In the 60s it was The Beatles, and in the 70s, it was Bowie. During the 80s, they had Michael Stipe of R.E.M. In the 90s, there was Cobain, and in the 00s, well – we can’t win everything. But it’s 2019, and there’s a new generation and a new voice. Dominic Harrison. Yungblud.

Dom’s newest single is just one in a long line of songs that double as a springboard for conversation, touching on topics that the newest generation seem to struggle navigating, namely self acceptance.

I’m so typical, my life ain’t difficult
But I’m so caught up in it, just a lowlife, I’ll admit
I’m self-critical, tryhard original
Oh, I pride myself on that, such a loser, I’ll admit

And I ask myself when my time will come
Will I run away, will I run away?

Yungblud x Dan Reynolds lyrics “Original Me”

But what does that mean? According to Dom, it means exactly that.

“This song is about accepting the parts of yourself that you hate and realizing your biggest superpower is to be originally, authentically yourself,”

Dominic Harrison in an interview with Universal Music Canada

The song and accompanying music video are filled with a frenetic energy that seems to be a standard for Yungblud, touching on hard topics in a way that makes you bob your head even as you reflect on how he was able to speak so clearly everything you’ve ever felt.

Dan Reynolds, the iconic voice we all love in every Imagine Dragons song contributes to this song with the same power and strength he’s been known for all along. As he belts out in a desperate cry, “I’m the original loser
Some days I wish I was anyone else,” the listener is left wondering why they stopped at just a single instead of an entire album. The chemistry is unparalleled in any collab that has emerged in 2019.

Self acceptance and self-love is just another notch in Yungblud’s belt of tough love lessons he sings out to his fans. From assault to hopelessness, from gender identity and smashing per-conceived notions of gender roles and sexuality, to his battle cry to the youth of today to stand up and fight back against oppression, he offers more than Hope For the Underrated Youth. If anything he offers hope for us all.

Check out Original Me now, available to stream on all platforms by clicking here, and his new music video with Dan Reynolds below.

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