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Harry Styles’ New Single, ‘Lights Up’, Is A Self-Acceptance Anthem For LGBTQIA+ Fans

Harry Styles’ New Single, ‘Lights Up’, Is A Self-Acceptance Anthem For LGBTQIA+ Fans

Our favourite Cheshire lad is has made his hugely anticipated return to music with a brand new single from his sophomore album. The new Tyler Johnson produced track’Lights Up’, is a moody bop but here’s how Harry Styles’ new single empowers LGBT+ fans.

Since the single and accompanying music video dropped earlier today, many fans took to Twitter to share how they could resonate with the single in terms of their queer identity.

The single coincidentally was released on National Coming Out Day and spoke volumes to Harry’s fans – many who identify as LGBTQIA+ – and encouraged them to speak about how they identify, with some even officially coming out.

Predominant lyrics of the song which stood out to may include “Lights up and they know who you are, do you know who you are? / step into the light, so bright sometimes, I’m not ever going back”

The music video features a shirtless Styles in a steamy scene amongst many other shirtless people. The fact it wasn’t exclusive to women feels like major representation to queer fans.

Though he has been reluctant to comment in how he personally identifies (and we completely accept that, as people who don’t feel they fit labels are 100% valid in the community), Harry has always been a huge advocate and acting ally for LGBTQIA+ rights, often taking fans’ pride flags on stage at his shows. He’s even released his own rainbow-themed merch.

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Harry Styles New Single Empowers LGBT+ Fans
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The beauty of music is that no matter what the musician’s true meaning behind the song is, you have the right to be able to apply it to your own scenario. Harry could be talking about an identity crisis or having amnesia, for all we know, but it doesn’t matter because the impact it can have for the listener can speak louder than anything else we ever hear.

I am so proud of Harry for making such through-provoking much that actually slaps and we cannot wait to see where this new era takes us!

Harry Styles’ new single, ‘Lights Up’, is available now

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