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11 times Michael Clifford Tried To Be Relatable And Get Down With The Kids Of Today

11 times Michael Clifford Tried To Be Relatable And Get Down With The Kids Of Today

5 Seconds of Summer‘s lead guitarist, Michael Clifford, is such a precious soul. He has a bizarre sense of humor, he’s super talented and he cares so much about the fans. He’s a whole bundle of fluff and must be protected. I think, though, he’s starting to realize that as he’s getting older, he needs to work hard to stay relevant with the younger fans and the entire ordeal is truly hilarious. Here are 11 times Michael tried to be relevant when getting down with the kids of today.

1. When he tried to understand stan Twitter and use the lingo

Listen, as someone who is a mere two months older than Michael, I get it. The language used by fans today has evolved so much since we were teens and that was like five minutes ago. I struggle on new terminology, too. But instead of throwing his hands up and admitting that it’s not the same as when we were younger and sticking to what we know, he rolled with it and started to use stan lingo. Partly to playfully mock fans, but mostly, to fit in with them.

2. When he joined in the ongoing debate of day mode vs night mode

Only a few people agreed with him, but he had his say in the form of that “change my mind” meme. I won’t try to change it, Michael, even if you are wrong.

3. When he did… this…

4. and this…

5. …and this

6. When he basically became the real life version of this meme

Image Source: GIPHY

I literally see no difference.

7. When he made dabbing his “thing”… and wouldn’t stop when it died

None of you remind him of it; we just got him to stop and don’t need to bring it back. Ever.


8. When he totally fanboyed in public and documented it…

Idk, it seems more precious when he does it as apposed to when I do it…

9. …and was openly a Harrie

Because who the hell doesn’t love Harry Styles?

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10. When he gave the fandom a run for their money in making 5SOS edits

I feel attacked but he did a good job, tbh.

11. When he brought back cat-loving-Michael because he knew fans would LOSE THEIR SHIT over it

Kitten!Michael stans, are you okay?

Even if he doesn’t always nail it, Mr Clifford deserves an A for effort in all of his attempts to be relatable to fans because it truly is admirable. Michael, you’re a goof and a dork, but we love you that way. Please, never change.

Do you remember an iconic moment when Michael tried to be relatable? Remind us in the comments or by tweeting us @THPMag so we can reminisce and laugh until our soda comes out of our nose.

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