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Live to Party! Jonas Brothers Create Limited Edition Beer

Live to Party! Jonas Brothers Create Limited Edition Beer

Its no secret that the Jonas brothersNick, Kevin and Joe – are older now and certainly like a drink, with younger brother Nick creating his own brand of sustainable Tequila recently. However the brothers notably favour ‘Coors light’ over any other beverage and can be seen drinking it in social media posts and even on tour.

Joe even had it as the drink of choice at his wedding to Sophie Turner.

Image Source: Joe Jonas via Instagram

I can only imagine their excitement at being invited along to the Coors Brewery, when their Happiness Begins tour stopped in Denver last week.

Not only did they get to look around, but on October 10th, Nick, Kevin and Joe announced that they had made a batch of beer which will be released as a limited edition batch of Coors, complete with a special label.

The label will feature each of the brothers on the iconic mountains, which are usually printed on the bottles.

“We are long-time fans of Coors Light and were really excited to be invited out to the Coors brewery, We can’t wait for our fans to try the limited edition six-packs of Coors Light that we helped to brew. And it’s pretty amazing that our faces are on the iconic mountains on the bottle.”

Statement by the Jonas Brothers given to press, by Coors.

Image Source: Coors

The limited edition beer will only be available to certain states in the US including Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Nashville and Tampa.

Most Jonas brothers fans are of age and can legally drink. Therefore lots of them took to twitter in excitement at the news .

Obviously most of them are seeking out ways of getting their hands on the six packs. This includes driving to other states to get a hold of it, despite most of them not even liking the beer.

Though not immediately obvious who the launch will targeted at. It’s safe to assume that the hardcore fans will be buying it anyway.

The reason? Because it’s the Jonas brothers favourite drink. Therefore even if they don’t drink it. It means they have to have a bottle for memorabilia purposes.

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Featured Image Source: Joe Jonas via Instagram

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