Little Mix Are Confirm They Are Launching TV Talent Search Contest And Fans Are Divided With Opinion

Little Mix Are Confirm They Are Launching TV Talent Search Contest And Fans Are Divided With Opinion

Jesy, Perrie, Jade, and Leigh-Anne really are an unbeatable girlband. From selling over 50 million records to world tours, they’ve really done it all! Now we’re hearing rumours of a Little Mix TV Talent Show, and it’s everything we didn’t know we needed.

Little Mix TV Talent Show
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Little Mix first found fame on none other than ‘The X Factor’ when they were crowned winners back in 2011, finding themselves the first group to win the hit series. After being the most successful winners to date, the girls are set to launch their own TV talent show, temporarily named ‘Little Mix: The Search’.

“Saturday night needs a new singing competition to freshen it up and, with Little Mix involved. This could well be it.”

“The groups will also be helped by people who have worked with Little Mix during their careers.”

Mixers took to Twitter to share their diverse opinions but feel skeptical without hearing anything from Little Mix themselves.

Me too, honestly.

Rooting for you, bb!

UPDATE (October 17): Little Mix have now officially CONFIRMED that this is happening! The girls made the official announcement on BBC Radio 1 to Nick Grimshaw.

The girls confirmed that people can apply as solo artists, duos, trios or a four-piece. However, there is a chance that groups can be changed during the series, where they can add or remove artists from groups. It’s all pretty tense!

The prize includes the chance to support the girls on their 2020 Summer tour. This is also the first we’ve heard confirmation of a tour and since we’re in between albums, we can only assume that it’ll be similar to their 2018 ‘Summer Hits’ tour. We’ll let you know more about that when info drops!

The show will find home at the BBC, who have currently declined to comment. This comes weeks after Jesy Nelson’s moving documentary ‘Odd One Out’ which was also part of the broadcasting company.

This will actually be big competition for the group’s former mentor, Simon Cowell, and the show they’ve once called home.

“This show is huge for Little Mix but it will be a massive blow for Simon.”

“The X Factor’s viewing figures have fallen for years but this could be the nail in the coffin.”

That’s so sad. Alexa, play ‘Bounce Back’.

After all, it’s been running for fifteen years now. I’ve fully grown up, gone through puberty, finished school and lived to tell the tale in that amount of time. And let’s be honest: the show has definitely peaked, with Little Mix’s series being one of their best throughout the history of the show.

So, how do you feel about a Little Mix TV talent show? Love it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us @THPMag.

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