THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Louis Tomlinson Has Announced His Debut Album, ‘Walls’ – Here’s What We Know

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Louis Tomlinson Has Announced His Debut Album, ‘Walls’ – Here’s What We Know

OH, IT’S SUCH A PERFECT DAY! It’s been announced today that the Louis Tomlinson debut album has both a release time period and we at The Honey Pop, along with every single Louie on the planet, are absolutely losing our minds!

Speaking exclusively to Stellar in Australia, Louis spills the beans that his debut album, ‘Walls’ is where he intended to be honest as a lyricist. “My fans already know a lot about me, but by the time they listen to the record, hopefully they’ll know a bit more.”


Louis Tomlinson Debut Album
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And, if that wasn’t enough to lose our shit over, he’s in talks about a tour! Aussie fans can offically proceed to go nuts as he states “what’s a no-brainer is I’ll be definitely coming to Australia.” He the proceeds to say: “I think [the tour is] going to be the middle of next year.”

When asked about the song, ‘We Made It’, he leaked a snippet of almost two years ago on Instagram, he says “it’s a song I wrote about two and a half years ago. And lyrically it was kind of written as being a bit of a message between me and the fans… that we made it together.” WE’RE NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

Something else we’ve learnt is that Louis is focused more-so on what he loves rather than chasing hits. “The easier option would be to make something like a Charlie Puth record, but they’ve never felt true to me because it wasn’t the kind of music I grew up listening to.”

Okay, okay, so we know the name, the tour is being planned, but when can we expect the Louis Tomlinson debut album?

It’s been stated that ‘Walls’ will be released January 2020 and will be available for pre-order quite literally any moment now.

ARGH! At long last, we are going to be fed so much at this all-you-can-eat Louis buffet!

So! How are you feeling? Are you alive? Are you dead but alive? Do you need a pinch to see if you’re dreaming? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @THPMag and let’s kill our minds together!

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