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REVIEW: Julia Michaels’ Inner Monologue Tour

REVIEW: Julia Michaels’ Inner Monologue Tour

Julia Michaels just recently finished up her European ‘Inner Monologue Tour’ and I was lucky enough to be a part of one of her last shows in Munich. 

The singer-songwriter is known for bops like ‘Issues’, ‘I Miss You (with Clean Bandit)’, ‘Heaven’, and ‘What A Time (featuring Niall Horan)’, so I already knew that this concert would be an amazing experience. 

The Queuing 

Despite performing in a relatively small venue (which only holds 1.2k people), people started queuing hours before the doors. Once there, you could hear and see laughter, the buzz of excitement and, of course, the obligatory pre-show pizza. This time before the concert is always perfect for making new friends and sharing your excitement with other people who know the struggles of being a fan.

Julia is also a big promoter of speaking up. She proved that by setting up a table at the beginning of the queue – equipped with big pieces of paper, sharpies, and stickers. Under the topic telling your mind, she made sure that every fan had the chance to bring their opinion and thoughts into the venue and share it with everyone. 

The Show

The sold-out show filled rapidly once doors opened, and those special pre-show jitters that you get before a long-awaited concert were coming in too. 

The concert started with Julia’s amazing support act Rhys Lewis who amazed with his live vocals and talent, charming the whole crowd. 

Following his performance, the anticipated moment came: Julia Michaels finally entered the stage, looking stunning as ever. Starting the show with her song ‘Pink’ she hyped up the crowd even more. Throughout the entire show, Julia was constantly on the move, jumping and dancing around. In between her songs she interacted with the audience and made sure that everyone felt welcome and safe. While also talking about serious topics, she made sure to keep the show light-hearted with jokes and banter. 

Another sign of how much she cares about her fans was when she decided to go into the middle of the crowd. She explained how she wants every single person to be included; from the front to the back and how she doesn’t want the people in the back to feel left out when she’s constantly in the front. 

Despite the venue holding over one thousand people, Julia managed to make it feel like a very intimate show due to her nature of fan communication and banter. 

Another topic, that she kept focusing on, was that the show in Munich was her first headline show in this city and how special it was – especially considering that it was sold out. 

See Also

The singer and songwriter also surprised us fans by doing an outfit change between ‘Uh Huh’ and her encore (which was ‘What A Time’ and’Issues’). The dress she decided to wear was a traditional German dirndl to celebrate the Oktoberfest which started the week prior in Munich.

Julia included songs from her amazing EPs Nervous System, Inner Monologue Pt. 1 and Inner Monologue Pt.2 

The Setlist

  • Pink
  • I Miss You
  • Make It Up To You
  • Worst In Me
  • Heaven
  • Deep
  • Into You
  • Hurt Again
  • Happy
  • Fuck You (Cee Lo Green Cover)
  • Apple
  • Falling For Boys
  • Priest
  • Anxiety
  • Uh Huh
  • What A Time
  • Issues

An Experience Of A Lifetime

In my opinion: If I had to sell my soul just to see Julia Michaels live again. I totally would. She is one of those artists that you just know that she loves to perform. And that is really pulling you under her spell for the whole time. You could really sense how happy she was and how she genuinely cares about her fans and that they have a great time. 

And while her European Inner Monologue tour is sadly over now, Julia is starting up the US leg of the tour this Wednesday. And you can still grab tickets for some of those shows here.

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  • Featured Image Source Image: Julia Michaels
    Words and live photos: Sabi Faderl
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