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BTS Army Prove How Incredible They Are By Donating Blood In Honor Of Jimin’s Birthday

BTS Army Prove How Incredible They Are By Donating Blood In Honor Of Jimin’s Birthday

Armys are arguably some of the most powerful fans to walk the planet right now. To celebrate Jimin’s 24th birthday, BTS fans donated blood as a charity gesture. We are so proud!

BTS Fans Donate Blood For Jimin's Birthday
Image Source: Tenor

It was reported that over 600 of the 710 fans who showed up to the Central Seoul Blood Bank, Busan Blood Bank and Southwest Seoul Blood Bank in Korea were qualified to donate blood in Jimin’s honour. Armys also donated 2,000 commemorative gifts to be given to doctors on the BTS member’s behalf. I have so much respect for them right now!

BTS Fans Donated Blood For Jimin's Birthday
Image source: Koreaboo

The final number recorded doesn’t include the many fans worldwide who also donated but weren’t counted in the South Korean tally.

The South Korean Red Cross has since announced they are awarding Jimin with the Award of Appreciation for inspiring his fans to donate to the charitable cause and making an impactful donation.

“We’re grateful for BTS Jimin’s fans who helped save lives by donating their blood,” the Korean Red Cross announced. “We’ll be giving Jimin an award of appreciation for making the blood drive more known and for inspiring more people to take part in good charity work.”

BTS Fans Donated Blood
Image Source: Koreaboo

Did you donate blood for Jimin’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below how you celebrated the BTS member’s birthday or tweet us @THPMag!

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