Fans Are Getting Their Dads To Dance To Harry Styles’ New Single And It’s Such A Wholesome Trend

Fans Are Getting Their Dads To Dance To Harry Styles’ New Single And It’s Such A Wholesome Trend

Harry Styles made his return to music earlier this week with his single, ‘Lights Up’. The track is such a bop that theres even a spot of Harry Styles dad dancing trending on Twitter right now.

Harry Styles Dad Dancing
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Searching the term “Harry Styles dad dancing” on the social media’s search ending will lead you down a rabbit hole of dads strutting their stuff to the ‘Sign Of The Times’ hit-maker’s latest release.

This dad can be seen sporting a TPWK shirt while really busting out some moves. WE APPROVE.

This dad chose to go with a more simple routine but it’s appreciated none-the-less.

Syd’s dad decided to take it one step further and roller skated to the single. LOOK AT HIM GO!

This dad looks a little familiar to me… but I just can’t put our finger on it…

We could all learn a thing or two from this dad. Catch me at Harry’s next tour pulling these moves off myself.

Harry himself has noticed the trend and has liked a few tweets, leading to some dads gaining temporary Twitter fame. We can imagine they’ll be bragging to their friends over their next beer drinking session.

Some fans felt a little left out because their dad isn’t around, so they had ti improvise in attempt to get that Harry Styles clout.

I see what you did, there.

One thing’s for sure is if my dad was still alive I’d have definitely convinced him to get involved in return for making him a coffee every day for the rest of my life.

Shoutout to the Harry dads. We appreciate you. You are the realest of dads.

Has your dad been bopping about to ‘Lights Up’? Tweet us videos at @THPMag to make us smile.

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