The day has come again! It’s BTS Park Jimin’s 24th birthday, and here at The Honey Pop, we are ready to show our love and appreciation for the k-pop cutie!

park jimin with yellow birthday balloon
Photo by @bts.bighitofficial on Instagram

Park Jimin, of the world famous k-pop group BTS, turns 24 today and the entire world is celebrating! Twitter trends were all about Jiminie today, each of them showing love and support for the birthday boy. Even though it’s just now Jimin’s birthday in the US, as soon as it hit 12AM KST, the birthday wishes were already pouring in from fans everywhere!

BTS members are infamous for posting “ugly” or “derpy” photos of whoever’s birthday it is. This trend has been ongoing for years and Jimin was definitely not an exception this year. From the second it became Jimin’s birthday in Korea (KST), the youngest BTS members Jungkook and Taehyung took to Twitter to tease and share some of their favorite goofy pics of their bro.

Photos by Kim Taehyung / V on Twitter

Although JK and Tae went the funny route, other members posted beautiful photos and sent sincere messages to their beloved Jimin.

Photos by Kim Namjoon / RM on Twitter
Photos by Kim Namjoon / RM on Twitter
Photos by Jung Hoseok / j-hope on Twitter
From Min Yoongi / Suga on Twitter
Photo by Kim Seokjin / Jin on Twitter

If you want to see all of these tweets translated to english, check out @peachBOY_0613 on Twitter! Their entire account is focused around translating BTS tweets, so check them out if you want to see accurate translations!

As mentioned before, it wasn’t just the BTS members who wished Jimin a very happy birthday. This k-pop heartthrob has become huge on twitter, his name trending almost all of the time. BTS Army all over the world wished the star happy b-day, even going as far as renaming the day “Jimin Day.” Here are just a handful of loving tweets from fans:

From @luzzelvilanueva on Twitter
From @bajoonie on Twitter
From @LunaMaya26 on Twitter
From @yangchenyao on Twitter

Just like all of the other members, we can’t wait to celebrate BTS Park Jimin’s birthday again next year! Have the happiest birthday Jimin, from all of us here at THP.

park jimin snowy mountain
Photo by Kim Taehyung on Twitter

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