There Are Rumours Of An Ariana Grande Movie And We Cannot Contain Our Excitement!

There Are Rumours Of An Ariana Grande Movie And We Cannot Contain Our Excitement!

There’s always something going on in the Ariana fandom. When she’s not busy on a sold-out tour, she’s releasing a fragrance or dropping lit music. But now there’s Ariana Grande movie rumours and we need to know more.

Ariana Grande Movie Rumours
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An Arianator took to Twitter to tweet about how they met Ari’s manager, Scooter, who recorded a clip of the fan for the singer’s movie. Yes, you read right: movie.

Now, we all know that some stans like to make things up for the sake of clout, but when another fan replied with a selfie with Scooter, it started to make things appear more real.

Hold on a sec, so this could be legit?!

While Twitterverse is kicking off over the excitement of a possible movie, some more knowledgeable fans with an amazing memory reminded us that there were signs at the London shows letting the audience know they were being filmed, so it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

No other information is available right now, so we aren’t sure if Ariana will go down the route of a rockumentary-style movie released in cinemas like One Direction or whether this will be like the ‘Dangerous Woman Tour Diaries’, which dropped back last year on YouTube Premium.

Before the official trailer dropped for the docuseries, fans were led to believe Ariana was doing a movie back then, so perhaps don’t hold your breath just yet about it being a fully-fledged cinematic or Netflix release, because we may be acting like Booboo The Fool once again. Get your clown noses ready, people.

Are you excited about the Ariana Grande movie rumours? Will it actually be a movie this time or are we getting another YouTube series? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us over at @THPMag.

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