Shane Dawson’s Dropped Brand New Merch And It’s Already Sold Out!

Shane Dawson’s Dropped Brand New Merch And It’s Already Sold Out!

The king of YouTube has been a busy boy this year. Between working on his major series with Jeffree Star and getting engaged to longtime boyfriend, Ryland Adams, the new Shane Dawson merchandise release adds to his evergoing list of achievements in 2019 alone!

Shane Dawson Merchandise Release
Image Source: Shane Dawson via Twitter

The new merch has had a total glow up compared to what he released on Amazon a little over a year ago. Now, the merchandise has its own online store and turns Shane’s brand into aesthetically pleasing fashion that his fans are going to obsess over.

The merchandise, which includes hoodies, backpacks, joggers, phone cases, and more dropped about an hour ago and has already sold out in true Jeffree Star style. Star is the man behind the makeover and now runs Shane’s merchandise company as one of his many business ventures, ‘Killer Merch’.

Shane Dawson Merchandise Release
Image Source: Shane Dawson via Twitter

Fans have applauded Shane for his size inclusivity, which is no surprise since he often talks about his struggles with weight and clothes sizes. Many can relate to this in terms of finding clothes that actually fit them, thanks to the fashion industry having a very limited vision on their customers.

There’s even a merch collection dedicated to Shane’s loveable cameraman, Andrew Siwicki.

Shane Dawson Merchandise Release
Image Source: Shane Dawson Merchandise

Whether you love him or hate him, Jeffree Star’s involvement with Shane’s merchandising was a smart business move, as he clearly knows what to sell and how to sell it. In the series the duo are currently working on, we see how badly Shane’s previous merch deals have been and how little money he has earned, despite the amount of YouTubers who have been in the game for less than half of his 10+ years on the platform earning a significant amount more than him.

While we’re unsure how long it’ll be until merch restocks, we highly recommend heading over to the merch store and scrolling to the bottom to sign up for email alerts to be the first to know what’s going on!

What do you think of the brand new collection? Is it a step up from Shane’s previous merchandise release? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @THPMag!

To Learn More About Shane Dawson:

Featured Image Source: Shane Dawson Merchandise

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