We’re not alright because of Bryce Vine’s new music video

We’re not alright because of Bryce Vine’s new music video

Bryce Vine is back with a brand new music video for you to sing your lungs out to. Not only will this upbeat, carefree song get you in a party mood, but it’ll also help with your post-heartbreak! “I’m Not Alright” has proved itself to be a certified bop, as it has reached over 45 million streams worldwide. Despite its topic on relationship issues, he manages to change up the tempo so that it’s something everyone can dance to instead (something he’s ALWAYS been great at). Bryce Vine & Loud Luxury worked together to create a successful BANGER that is 100% playlist worthy!

The music video for this track had just dropped October 15th, and it serves as a relatable, fun visual that accurately represents the song. In the beginning, we witness a conversation between him and his significant other. It appears that they’ve broken up over text– after admitting that he is in fact not alright (I guess she isn’t the next Drew Barry, either). Poor Bryce. While he’s at a house party, it seems pretty clear that he isn’t doing his best. But at least his friends were there as soon as they found out! True friends, am I right?

If you’re looking to here more of Bryce Vine, then you’re in luck! He has recently released his debut album titled “Carnival.” (Available to stream everywhere!) If you ever need a cheer up, an impromptu dance or karaoke session, Bryce has your back. BUT. If you are also in need of feel good, party music, Loud Luxurious got you covered. Both of their music will definitely upgrade your turn-up playlist.

What do you guys think? Are you still alright after watching that video? Comment down your thoughts– we’d love to know!


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Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

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