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Harry Styles Unites Two Fans With Brain Tumours Through Their Mutual Love Of The Singer

Harry Styles Unites Two Fans With Brain Tumours Through Their Mutual Love Of The Singer

Harry Styles Unites Two Fans With Brain Tumours

Harry Styles is an amazing man. But while he continues to win countless awards and break incredible records, the most rewarding thing that could come out of his career is the lives he impacts and the bonds he creates.

Heather and Sonya are just like any other Harry Styles fans. They love his music and everything he stands for, but for them, he creates an escape from their everyday struggles, as an outcome from having a brain tumor.

Image Source: Heather via Twitter

The pair met online via Twitter – as many fans do – when they discovered they both have the same type of brain tumor. Both Heather and Sonya had to have emergency brain surgery and are now dealing with the aftermath of both brain surgery and the tumor itself.

What’s beautiful about their friendship is that despite living on other sides of the world and having major time differences, they’ve made a conscious effort to be there for one another.

The pair have the ‘Lights Up’ singer to thank for connecting them in the way that music does for many because they have both had such an incredible impact on each others’ lives.

Harry Styles Connects Two Fans With Brain Tumours
Image Source: Tenor

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Now the pair share a dream to be able to see Harry together in concert, and their biggest wish is to be able to meet him together and be able to thank him in person– for being both an inspiration and comfort to them during their times of struggle. Not to mention for being the reason they found each other in the first place.

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Their story has already reached 84 retweets and 229 likes, but we are hoping that the power of Twitter will help them reach the dream they so desperately chase. So we at The Honey POP are turning to you, both Harries and other fandoms, to help Sonya and Heather out. We all know the phenomenal impact that social media has, and every RT is one closer to them standing a chance to get their story to Harry himself.

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