Introducing Dylan: Your New Favourite Indie Artist Who Wants To Empower You With A Sad Song

Introducing Dylan: Your New Favourite Indie Artist Who Wants To Empower You With A Sad Song

There’s never enough music in the world for us to listen to, so if you’re looking for something new to give your playlist a makeover, let us introduce you to Dylan, your new favorite indie queen.

Natasha Woods AKA Dylan is a new singer who has been discovered by and signed with Grumpy Old Management, best known to a little known artist named Ed Sheeran.

While there’s not a lot of information about the 19-year-old, according to her Facebook, she is a ‘self-proclaimed, out and proud “indie fuck” with the voice of a bruised, toughened angel.’ Oh, and you’ll never catch her in a skirt. She first started her writing and recording sessions a little over ago during the Easter holidays when she should have been revising for her A-levels. Now that’s pretty badass.

Her second single, ‘Sour Milk’, is a moody, contemporary pop track that is currently playing all week on BBC Radio 1 thanks to BBC Music’s Introducing, so clearly she is a force to be reckoned with! We recommend you start stanning now so you have the ultimate bragging rights of being a fan since the early days.

Talking about the single, Dylan says “Sour Milk is about the push and pull of a relationship; not wanting someone when they’re around but craving them when they’re distant.”

It seems her relationship habits are oh-so-familiar for many of us, too. “I tend to find stupid reasons to call it quits with someone, and then immediately regret it when they leave; it’s a constant rollercoaster of feelings and not knowing what you want.”

When it comes to her new EP, ‘Purple’, Dylan explains: “It’s such a dark, deep, rich colour. So it’s the theme for the songs: the colour of bruises, and mystery… and, to be honest, of Will’s [Hicks, her producer] studio!”

Dylan is a woman full of ambition. “I want to be heard by as many people as possible because I want to go global, because I want to speak to as many girls as possible – and boys. They need to hear this too! Let’s all be empowered by a sad song, and connect with it. I want to spark real, human emotion. Everyone is connected through music, right? Or, they should be.”

You’re spot on, Dylan, they really should be!

Dylan’s EP, ‘Purple’, releases October 25th.

To learn more about Dylan:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Featured Image Source: Dylan via Facebook

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