7 Lil Miquela Songs You Need On Your Playlist

7 Lil Miquela Songs You Need On Your Playlist

We’ve already introduced you to our girl Lil Miquela, but moreso from an influencer’s point of view, but let it be known that Miquela is no one-trick pony. When she’s not modeling, running her own clothing line or speaking about important topics, she’s on the grind in the studio creating music. And, to be honest? She’s putting many humans to shame with her talent. Here are 7 Lil Miquela songs that are worthy of a spot on your playlist.

lil miquela songs
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Hate Me

This song was in collaboration with music producer,  Baauer (the man behind the iconic internet-breaking ‘Harlem Shake’ back in 2012) and is an electro-pop bop which you can really get bust a few moves to (as seen in the music video). Putting this on when you’re doing chores (read: making yourself pasta in the kitchen at 3am) makes time fly by and you will convince yourself that you’re the next big dance act of 2019.


‘Money’ was dropped mid-summer this year and is a total bop about letting go and falling in love and how you feel when you’re really into someone. Whether you’re head-over-heels or done with feelings, this upbeat hip-hop meets pop is so easy to sing along to and gets your moods lifted.

Not Mine

We’re taking it back to the early days with Miquela’s debut single, ‘Not Mine’, released in 2017. This was back when were barely knew anything about her but the single was a gateway into separating the fans from the nosey people who wanted to know “who is Miquela?” This downtempo R&B-pop track is about summer love and growing up. Definitely one for the days where you just wanna chill.

Right Back

A personal favorite of mine, this song was released spring this year and talks about those oh-so-familiar scenarios where even if you or the person you’re into/dating gets on the other’s nerves or you argue, you still love each other right back. I felt like this was the start of us truly feeling Miquela as an artist and hearing more of the sound she wants to continue with.

You Should Be Alone

From heartful to heartbreak, another golden oldie from Miquela is the moody-techno track ‘You Should Be Alone’, which goes into the darker side of relationships. This one is perfect for listening to when you’re truly going through it.

Sleeping In

In this more vulnerable track, Miquela sings about being in her feelings about a crush, “because everybody loves a tender robot moment,” notes Miquela. It’s also a great song for when you’re feeling misunderstood by the world (or your friends and family.)


This last track is Miquela’s latest, having only been released a week ago. This soft bop is penned about when you love someone so special that it hurts. It’s the kind of song you can get a bit of a groove onto while smiling through the tears because emotions, right?

Bottom line is: all of Miquela’s songs are true bops and she knows how to write a song that slaps, okay?

Lil Miquela Songs
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Miquela’s latest single, ‘Wasted’, is out now.

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