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‘Speak Yourself – The Final’ in Seoul live-streams Worldwide

‘Speak Yourself – The Final’ in Seoul live-streams Worldwide

In the light of the phenomenon that is the Korean boy band, BTS finished off their international world tour. USA, Brazil, U.K., and Paris are some of the countries they visited which led to their first holiday since their debut. The two-month break could be described by some ARMYS as the hardest two months. Without the boys posting daily on their social media accounts and feeding us with amazing content, it fuels us to keep going. You could say that ARMY Twitter was quiet whilst everyone took a very much needed break.

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The boys came back with a BANG! We’ve received new run episodes which are posted weekly every Tuesday, and not to mention the buzz and joy of ARMY as they took part in their first-ever concert in Saudi Arabia!

They slayed it of course; They created history by being the first-ever international artist to perform over there. Knowing this, their company, BigHit entertainment, chose to live stream their concert to mark the historic event.

After the ‘Speak Yourself’ tour in Saudi Arabia, BTS tweeted the announcement of the ‘WORLD TOUR: SPEAK YOURSELF ‘The Final” in Seoul with a special live viewing (27 Oct) event in theatres all over Asia and the USA, as well as the rest of the world live Streaming worldwide at home via the internet on VLIVE (26 Oct) where we usually get our daily dose of BTS content.

So not only can the K-ARMY’s experience the long-awaited world tour at Jamsil Main Stadium in Seoul, but the rest of us ARMYS around the world will join in on the fun in the comfort of our own homes! Of course, with our ARMY Bombs in sync!!

Imagine our first very own live-at-home concert?! To simply put it, ain’t nobody doing it like BTS!

For more information check VLive as stated in the image below.

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Image source: Twitter

Will you be watching the BTS ‘Speak Yourself: The Final’ livestream? Will you be viewing at the cinema or sitting at home? Let us know what you’re doing for the big event in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s share ideas on viewing parties!

To Learn More About BTS:

Featured Image Source: VLIVE | Words: Enny B

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