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Hey Violet Releases Post-Breakup Celebratory Anthem, ‘Clean’

Hey Violet Releases Post-Breakup Celebratory Anthem, ‘Clean’

Breakups can be tough. There’s a lot of pain and emotion, but it doesn’t always have to be bad. Hey Violet’s new single ‘Clean’ is the song you need to celebrate getting out of a toxic relationship.

The electro-pop track hears angelic harmonies from Nia Lovelis and Casey Moreta– which entwine perfectly with Rena Lovelis’ modulated vocals, as she sings about dealing with the end of a messy breakup, with the predominant line “I wash my hands with you” as a solid statement of being done with her former lover.

The song is also great for breaking free from toxic friendships or family members, meaning most listeners can adapt ‘Clean’ to their own scenarios.

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This is Hey Violet’s fourth release this year and is the beginning of their new era, dubbed ‘HV2’ by fans, as we wait for their sophomore album. It’s a project the band has been working on since their debut album, ‘From The Outside’, which was released back in 2017. Fans have been anticipating this era for a good while since the band was considerably quiet last year, as they had their heads down working hard on new material.

As a fan, I can’t help but feel so proud of Hey Violet. Despite two departures from the band in two years, they haven’t let it impact their work. Rena, Nia, and Casey take any knockdown and get straight back up with no signs of falter which is truly admirable– especially for a band so young. Of course, while they may not show personal emotions, they put on a brave face and absolutely kill it in both their live performances and their studio releases. I have so much confidence in this band, and they never fail to prove me right.

Hey Violet's New Single Clean
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Hey Violet’s news single ‘Clean’ is available now.

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