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SOS! Nick Jonas Confirms Jonas Brothers New Album

SOS! Nick Jonas Confirms Jonas Brothers New Album

YES! You did read that right. We are getting another Jonas Brothers album! The exciting news was announced courtesy of younger brother Nick Jonas as during their On Air with Ryan Seacrest interview.

He spoke of how 2019 has been a crazy 10 months for him and his brothers, with his wedding to Priyanka Chopra followed by Joe’s wedding later this year to Sophie Turner. While also mentioning the unforgettable musical come back after that 6-year hiatus which broke fangirls’ hearts everywhere.

Although they only released their fifth and latest album, ‘Happiness Begins’ earlier this year, after the success of come-back single ‘Sucker’ released on March 1st sending fans into meltdown.

Sucker Single Artwork

Nick exclusively revealed that they were in fact already working on the next album. Although he did not go into too much detail, he did confirm that they have at least 15/16 songs written.

In addition, they are writing with One Republic frontman and independent songwriter, Ryan Tedder, as well as the rest of the team behind their fifth studio album ‘Happiness Begins’.

Nick confirmed the news and spoke excitedly about the writing process.

“So Ryan [Tedder] and the whole gang from the last album [Happiness Begins] — in addition to some new people — have been working hard with us on new music and we felt like why not keep it rolling?” Nick explained.

“… [So] our friends and collaborators all came out to this island in the Caribbean and we rented a house and wrote 15, 16 songs that we’re really proud of and are anxious to get them out for people to hear.”

In contrast to their earlier albums, the brothers now choose to write their music in remote locations, to get away from everything and focus, which is why they chose to rent the house in the Caribbean.

“When you get out of your normal comfort zone and your everyday routine, on a creative level, I think you’re able to see things a little differently and kind of bring new energy to it which is key,” Nick explained.

Obviously, as soon as they heard the news the fans took to Twitter to share their excitement. Its clear to see how much the brothers mean to their fans.
The commitment, dedication, and passion of their fans is evident in the following the band still have, many of their fans stuck by them throughout their hiatus, supporting their solo successes.

Finally, they haven’t given us an album name or release date but it’s without a doubt going to send fans into a frenzy when they do. It’s already being talked about with fans already hinting that they would love a Christmas album from the trio.

Let’s hope they put us out of our misery soon and give us another banging album to sing our hearts out to!

But for now, sadly we are going to have to wait a little bit longer…

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Featured Image Source: On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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