Lewis Capaldi Gets The Heat Rising In Music Video For ‘Bruises’

Lewis Capaldi Gets The Heat Rising In Music Video For ‘Bruises’

It’s getting hot in here – quite literally. Ahead of self-proclaimed America’s Sweetheart (who hails from Scotland), Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Bruises’ music video sees the singer in the midst of an inhospitable wasteland where two imprisoned former lovers stare each other down, with flashbacks of their former glory days playing in a black and white montage. The video ends with prisoners from each lover’s side breaking out into fights, as everything catches fire and explodes.

‘Bruises’ is Lewis’ latest single which comes from his debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent,’ and it’s re-released as part of an EP. The album tells the tales of a former romance that Lewis had and turned to songwriting to process his post-breakup emotions.

Lewis Capaldi's Brusies Music Video
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This week has also seen Lewis shortlisted for both a BBC Radio 1 Teen Award and a Streamy Award.

Speaking about his fast-growing success over the past year, Lewis seems rather baffled. “‘What right do I have to be playing arenas?’ is what goes through my head. Impostor syndrome. I’m not better than any of these people, I’m not better at writing songs or singing.” Well, Lewis, between your tear-jerking songs and painfully related DIY meme content, it’s the perfect formula to get people to pay attention to you! Never change, buddy.

Lewis Capaldi's Brusies Music Video
Image source: GIPHY

Have you seen Lewis Capaldi’s ‘Bruises’ music video? Did you listen to the EP? Comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s talk all things Lewis.

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