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On The Rise: Alaina Castillo Releases New Single, ‘I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore’

On The Rise: Alaina Castillo Releases New Single, ‘I Don’t Think I Love You Anymore’

Alaina Castillo is a name you might not have heard of yet but it is one you’re going to want to remember.

At just 18 years old she has an impressive following already, from her 700K+ subscribers to her 900K and counting fanbase, not to mention she nearly broke Tik Tok when she gained 3 million plays in just two weeks alone.

All of that is an incredible achievement for someone her age, and they just keep on coming! As today she has released her debut single ‘I don’t think I love you anymore’ from her upcoming EP ‘Antisocial Butterfly’ due to be released in mid-November.

This new track is downtempo hip hop with some really powerful lyrics that speaks of a relationship where one party isn’t sure they love the other and they don’t know how to deal with that feeling, which quickly becomes a thought.

It’s something we relate to as I’m sure most of us have experienced this situation from one or both sides and its a difficult place to be. Needless to say, she pulls it off effortlessly.

“This song is very special to me. I wrote it at a time when I was really confused within a relationship, and in a funny way, it sort of served as a wake up call. I knew something had to change and it was really the driving force that led to something much better.”

Alaina Castillo speaking about her new song.

Her stunning vocals are complemented by a visually appealing music video. As it starts she’s laying alone in her bedroom, talking of a relationship she’s no longer sure of.

It also brings back memories of those moments where your sat in your room pretending to be a singer, looking at an invisible camera. Come on we’ve all done it!

As the tempo of the song starts to pick up she can be seen dancing in front of some bright background lighting. Her stunning vocals are never overpowered by the visuals. Leaving us to admire the youthful qualities which indicate a perceptive strength

Alaina Castillo
Image source: Genius

We also wanna know who did her make up for the video, because it is on point! Her outfit choice is simple but just accentuates her beauty adding the finishing touches to her already flawless video.

She is a rising star with promising talent and a truly remarkable voice. I know I’ll be adding this song to my playlist, it’s already stuck in my head!

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Oh, did we also mention that she has her first ever headline tour? Not only is she touring the US. Incredibly she’ll also be heading across the pond to play some gigs in the UK and Europe in 2020.

Keep your eyes on her, this girl is going places!

For more info on her upcoming tour and EP check out her website here

To learn more about Alaina:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

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