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The Dangerous World Of Jeffree Star

The Dangerous World Of Jeffree Star

So, last week the third installment of the nine-part docu-series of ‘The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star.’ was released, with three being called ‘The Dangerous World Of Jeffree Star.’

Honestly, with the teaser from episode 2, I was expecting more tea to be spilled than what we got. However, this episode was not without its drama. It was the most dramatic episode yet!

The episode began with the infamous gossip that happened earlier this year with Shane and his cat Cheeto. A seemingly silly joke he made years ago about his cat coming back to haunt him. It was evident that this issue being brought up was affecting him emotionally.

We also get the inside scoop on the packaging design process and see Jeffree, Shane and the team brainstorming ideas, where they decide on a TV-style influenced design. With prototypes being predicted to take 6 weeks to be ready, it confirms how long the process really is.

The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star
Image Source: Shane Dawson via YouTube

They then saw print examples that were designed to be pressed into the shadows being made. Honestly, it was pretty cool to see iconic Shane staples being brought to life for this project.

The most exciting part of this episode – well for me anyway! – is when the first set of possible shades for Shane’s palette were revealed! I mean, it shows this palette coming to life not just for Shane and Jeffree but for us as fans.

It was honestly really nice to see how genuinely happy Jeffree is for Shane. It was so nice to see this side of their friendship; where Jeffree gets to showcase his knowledge of the beauty industry while also being an amazing friend. I really believe this is a strong friendship. To be honest, I would say these two have given each other a stronger platform in business and YouTube. By sharing each other attributes with each other.

At one point Jeffree even says to Shane: “you’re more iconic than me and that’s hard to do.”

This episode also covers the break into Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Honestly the fact that Shane had the cat issue and Jeffree had the break-in within a day of each other seems more than coincidental to me. With how secretive and brutal the beauty industry can be, could there be people that don’t want this collab to happen? That’s what I took away from it and it seems that Shane and Jeffree indicate this is how they feel too.

The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star
Image Source: Shane Dawson via Twitter

Jeffree understandably ups his security and when he speaks to Shane about it says ‘Makeup is my diamond’, which is obviously true with the empire he has built.

This is then followed with the reveal of doing a mini palette- the aptly named ‘Mini Controversy’ and the cute design of the Shane ‘Pig Mirror’

This episode brought to life what we can expect from this palette and oh my, I am so excited!

The end of the episode was a montage showing the proposal of Shane to his now fiance partner Ryland. Then a Memoriam to Diamond and Daddy Star.

We at The Honey Pop also wish Jeffree and his family our sincere condolences at the loss of their fur babies.

The $20 Million Dollar Deal With Jeffree Star

Episode four was definitely the best episode yet! I know I keep saying this but, each episode seems to mature like a fine wine. Then leaves you super excited for the following episode!

This episode showed shades that had needed more work on them, return and be approved. I must say the colours look phenomenal; you best believe I have every intention of buying this makeup line!

Really this series has been the best PR campaign Shane could have made for this collection. The date it goes on sale was confirmed to be November 1st and this was agreed as the logical option so that it wasn’t considered as a cheap Halloween gimmick.

When we hear the Morphie phone call it all seems to look that much more real for Shane. It’s also really cool to see Jeffree almost coaching him to manage business deals. Which is heartwarming and super interesting to see!

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I really feel like you should stop and take a minute to watch this episode and take in the excitement of this concept becoming more real with every day!

I am not the only one who feels this way. During the episode, #ShaneXJeffree was trending on Twitter with many people agreeing!

So, with less than two weeks before it launches will you be spending your hard-earned money on this? I know I will be! Comment down below what you’re most excited for from this launch or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s talk makeup!

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Photo Source: Shane Dawsons Merch

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