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Did MTV Leak Jack and Jack’s Split?

Did MTV Leak Jack and Jack’s Split?

MTV has been known in the past to really drop the ball, but this possible slip up may just take the cake; MTV has just leaked that Jack Gilinsky has a solo album in the works, hinting at a possible Jack and Jack split.

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson have been working on music together as Jack and Jack since 2014. Prior to their shirt to music, the pair had a shared Vine account, but could this be the end of the best friends’ shared music career?

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A banner that appears at the bottom of the screen in a short video recording posted to twitter reads that Gilinsky has a debut solo album coming in 2020. While we are totally stoked for new music, could this mean that Jack and Jack are splitting to start solo careers? Have we not been through enough splits? I don’t know about you, but I’m still not over the One Direction split.

Fan reactions to the possible Jack and Jack split

Fans are panicking as well, and reactions to the possible news are quite mixed. Most fans are crushed, sharing happy memories they made wit the duo. Some fans are furious that the pair did not come out about it themselves first. Other fans, instead, are in complete disbelief that the pair are splitting altogether. Regardless of their initial reaction, I think I can speak for all fans when I say we are impatiently awaiting a comment from the duo themselves on the matter.

Jack and Jack certainly have come a long way since they first began working together in 2013 on Vine, but could this short ad mark the end of the pair’s musical collaborations? Because there have not been statements from either of the boys as of yet, we are all in the dark. Regardless, we may just be heading towards a new era for Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson.

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What do you think about the MTV ad? Do you think that Jack and Jack are going their separate ways? How are you feeling about the possible split? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop!

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