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Lewis Capaldi Is Giving Away Tickets To His Tour If You Find Him On Tinder!

Lewis Capaldi Is Giving Away Tickets To His Tour If You Find Him On Tinder!

Dating apps aren’t really our thing – we’re far more interested in searching for concert tickets than hookups or potential lovers – but with this Lewis Capaldi Tinder contest, you can bet your backside we’ve signed ourselves up!

Lewis Capaldi often talks about being a lonely lad who turns to Tinder in hopes of finding someone to keep him company and has become an advocate for the dating app, even confirming he’s a Tinder Gold member. Heck, he even had his verified profile put up on various billboards!

If you feel like your chances of matching with America’s Sweetheart AKA The Scottish Beyoncé AKA Niall Horan‘s best friend AKA Lewis Capaldi, you’re in luck! You now stand more of a chance to match with him than you think. And, if you do match him, you’re guaranteed a date with him! Well… and thousands of others… at his concert… but you get free tickets, so that’s a win, right?

Finding Lewis on Tinder and giving him a “LIKE” gives you a chance to win a pair of tickets to his sold-out gigs in the UK and Ireland, which honestly, is the best thing to come out of this app, amiright?

If you need any of us at THP HQ, we’ll be sat here swiping until we’re lucky.

Lewis Capaldi Tinder contest
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Will you be searching for Lewis on Tinder? Have you ever matched him before or another famous face? Spill the tea in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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