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Dylan Turns The Grace Into A Purple Paradise Ahead Of Her Brand New EP

Dylan Turns The Grace Into A Purple Paradise Ahead Of Her Brand New EP

On the 21st of October, up-and-coming Indie artist Dylan held her ‘Purple’ EP party to give her fans a taste of what will come out of her new music being released this Friday and we at The Honey Pop were there to see this spectacular moment unfold.

Dylan Purple EP
Image source: Dylan via Twitter

Before the show, we were taken to a bar area where we were given a complimentary purple glow stick and purple sparkler cocktail which was offered by Dylan herself as a thank you for attending the event and supporting her music. This gave attendees the chance to mingle with others as well as listen to the music provided by the DJ.

Dylan Purple EP

Dylan Purple EP

At around 8pm, we were told to make way upstairs to where Dylan would be gracing us with her presence. The room was lit up with purple lights and purple disco balls as the room quickly filled with many supportive fans of Dylan. You could say it was truly going to be a purple night!

Dylan EP Party

Dylan appeared on stage in a shiny gold jacket. She looked truly dazzling with the purple lights in the background. She greeted the audience and started with the first song of the night called ‘Masquerade’, followed by a beautiful ballad called ‘I Know What you did last night’. Dylan’s vocals are really powerful and euphonious so it’s easy to get drawn into her aura and stage presence.

Dylan Purple EP

She then performed two more songs which are the only ones that have been revealed to the public, with one of them being her latest single, ‘Sour Milk’, which was clearly a fan favorite as they sang the lyrics back which took Dylan by such a surprise. You could genuinely see the shock and happiness on her face when she witnessed the audience singing the lyrics to the song. The ‘Purple’ EP party was such an amazing atmosphere to experience, it was a clear sign that her upcoming EP will truly be incredible. From her stage presence to her incredible vocals and meaningful yet relatable lyrics, Dylan really has the full package to be the new queen of indie. Watch this space!

Dylan’s ‘Purple’ EP drops this Friday, October 25th

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Have you heard Dylan’s music? Have you decided to stan? Make sure you check her out and let us know what you think in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Dylan via Facebook

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