Niall Teases A Release Date For NH2 And We Are SO Ready!

Niall Teases A Release Date For NH2 And We Are SO Ready!

Since dropping his latest single, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, we have been waiting oh so patiently for confirmation on when NH2 will drop. Now, Niall has teased a possible time period on when we will get that second album.

Niall Teases Second Album Release
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Speaking to Hits Radio, he said: “The album’s not coming out until maybe January, February, something like that … March next year, you know, with the whole roll out of singles and going to do promo all over the world and such things. So, let the label do their thing, but I’m ready to go!”

Niall recoeded 60 songs for his sophomore album and has managed to since cut more than 40, but is still aiming to get the track list to 14 or 15.

“I’ve got it to 19, and then obviously … no-one wants to hear a 19-track album!” Um, I would certainly want to hear a 19 track album, Niall, what are you talking about?

Niall Horan Teases Second Album Release
Niall Horan Teases Second Album Release
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“It’s a lot of songs to listen to – I’m fine with maybe 14, 15, somewhere in that region, I don’t mind that. I have time,” he explained during the interview.

While we’re not due the album this side of Christmas, the NH2 era is already in full swing as Niall has just been announced as a performer at the MTV EMAs!

Niall will be joining the likes of Halsey, Green Day, Ava Max, Mabel, and Becky G on November 3rd in Seville, Spain as part of MTV’s European Music Awards.

Are you ready for NH2? What month do you think we’re more likely to get the album? Leave a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP

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