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Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Debut Album Artwork In A Virtual Treasure Hunt For Fans

Louis Tomlinson Reveals His Debut Album Artwork In A Virtual Treasure Hunt For Fans

What a week it’s been for Louies! Between the new single dropping tomorrow and his upcoming livestream events, LTHQ has now revealed the artwork for Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Walls’ AKA, his debut album. But not before getting his fans to do a bit of digging…

Louis Tomlinson's Walls
Image Source: Imagur

Earlier today, Louis tweeted a quest for his fans, letting them know he had some hidden pieces of a photo cut up and spread around the internet for them to find. Known for their creativity and sharp thinking, they immediately got to work to try and find the missing pieces.

Of course, fans were freaking out as they virtually searched high and low for missing pieces.

They even managed to think outside the box…

It wasn’t long until fans found most of the pieces, but were struggling to find the final piece, which was evidently Louis’ head. This led to some pretty humorous tweets.

After frantically searching for the final piece, LTHQ weighed in with an all-important clue…

Low and behold, the missing piece was found!

Super sleuths then found that ‘Walls’ is now listed on iTunes ready for pre-order. It’s a 12-track album that currently features ‘Two of Us’, ‘Kill My Mind’ and the latest single, ‘We Made It’ and is expected to drop on January 31st.

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Good job, Louies!

louis tomlinson's walls
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We are so freaking excited! After much anticipation, LT1 has a name and a date!

Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Walls’ is available for pre-order now

Did you take part in the search? How hyped are you for ‘Walls’? Drop us a comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s get hyped about Louis!

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