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It’s Been Four Years Since 5SOS’ ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ – Here’s Why It Still Means A Lot To Fans

It’s Been Four Years Since 5SOS’ ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ – Here’s Why It Still Means A Lot To Fans

Four years ago on this very day, 5 Seconds of Summer released their sophomore album ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’. The album hit the number one spot in 8 countries, including the UK, the US, and Australia. This led to their first number 1 album in the UK and their second in the US. It also made them the first band to have their first two albums debut at number 1 in the United States. The album earned them 2 certifications and over 500 million Spotify streams to date. You’ve gotta admit, that’s pretty good going for a second album.

The campaign for this album was surrounding the concept of ‘The New Broken Scene’ – a place for fans who felt they were rejects or different from others could unite together in a place with more acceptance of who they are. The album also had a number of songs that gave a spotlight to the more “taboo” topics of depression and mental health.

‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ is arguably a fan favorite because of the connection that many of them have with the songs and the feeling of finally being understood for the first time.

We at The Honey POP find the album to be a personal favorite, so we’re sharing THP HQ’s favorite songs off the album and what they mean to us.

Sounds Good Feels Good Anniversary
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“I related heavily to ‘Invisible’ back when it came out. I mean the title is self-explanatory— I felt like a ghost. Despite the uplifting parts of my life, there were moments where I still felt alone and that no one else cared. It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one— especially after hearing everyone talk about it. You can also hear how personal and vulnerable the song is which is what I love most about it. And the violins— they still, to this day, make me want to cry. Another song that shows a lot of vulnerability is ‘Jet Black Heart’. My mental health took a downturn once I started letting my mistakes (with friendships, relationships, etc) become who I am, and that drains the self-worth you have for yourself. This was one of my go-to songs whenever I needed some reminder that I wasn’t alone.” – Gabby Fox, Editor

“My favorite song, not just off of SGFG but of all of 5SOS’s discography, is Airplanes. There are so many things about this song in particular that speak to me. As someone with a background in music, I find that the time signature being 6/8 is particularly unique for a pop song, and that’s what first caught my attention. But, then I actually listened and began to analyze the lyrics. It’s a powerful song that talks about not being afraid anymore – standing tall. As a generation of people who struggle openly through mental health in ways previous generations can never truly understand, this song speaks of not being paralyzed by the darkness anymore, and no longer being willing or able to hide in silence. This song encourages me to be unashamedly and freely my true self. I have borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. I am a ball of stress and pain and I’m not afraid to say any of those things anymore. And because of 5SOS, I am not ashamed. This is me. I am not afraid. “All of this time, I questioned myself, I never could wait, Looking for signs, Not asking for help, I know it’s too late.” and then “I’m not gonna say that I’m sorry, Gonna see the end of this story, I won’t fade into darkness” Like ‘Airplanes,’ we have the ability to soar. 5SOS taught me that and I’m spreading my wings.” – Ibby Morris, co-owner

“I have two favorites, and they both have important reasons. ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ may sound like an unusual choice to you, but the release of this song was one of the last good memories I’ve had with my dad. He was a music nerd, and you had to be a good artist to impress him. He liked it so much that we replayed it all day! The lyrics “When you’ve got bigger plans that no one else understands” also speaks to me because I was a dropout, but I managed to become successful regardless. ‘Jet Black Heart’ is also a song that means so much to me because mental health has been a struggle for me since I was a child, and to hear this and finally feel understood was a huge relief. It still means so much to me today.” – Jazmin Williams, Editor in Chief

Sounds Good Feels Good Anniversary
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“I relate a lot to ‘Broken Home’ because growing up I lived in a broken home. My dad left me and my mum when I was young, and I spent most of my childhood being passed between parents. This song made me realize that I wasn’t alone and that being from a broken home doesn’t define you. It helped me through hard times when I would be stuck in the middle of arguments, and it’s basically how I was feeling put into the words I could never say. – Kat Voss, Writer

“My favorite song from ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ is ‘Jet Black Heart’ – I love how open yet vulnerable this song is, and I feel like I identify with it and my mental health struggles.” – Jodie-Rose Loren, Writer

“‘Outer Space/Carry On’ has always been such a feel-good song for me and is perfect to listen to no matter what mood am I am. Whether I am happy, mad, or feeling the most sadness I have ever felt, the song never fails to either heighten the feeling of happiness or improve the not so great feelings. It’s just simply an incredible job done.” – Kristina Davis, Writer

Sounds Good Feels Good Anniversary
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“‘Broken Home’ and ‘Invisible’ are songs I felt as though they were written for me during one of the darkest points in my life. I’m beyond thankful to 5SOS for writing songs that speak on real, heavy issues that people may be dealing with. They helped me feel as though someone was listening to my cries, and they gave me something I could relate to. They help me realize that I’m not alone and that I’ve never actually been alone. Thank you, boys.” – Sam Neyland, Editor

“Invisible is my favorite song – at the time of this release, it described how I felt in the world. I felt like no one understood how I was feeling, but this song described it perfectly. I knew someone out there understood even though they didn’t know about it. It just let me know I wasn’t alone in the world.” – Ashley Bizzell, Writer

“‘Castaway’ means the most to me and is my favorite due to the lyrics. The verses sound so desperate and relatable and can be applied to either friendships, romantic, or familial relationships. There have been plenty of times where I wonder how the dynamics of my relationships with people have changed over time, and I feel nostalgic over memories that I can’t get back.” – Carly Ho, Writer

“It’s hard to put it into words, but ‘Jet Black Heart’ is my favorite. It brings out a part of me that very few things can bring. It makes me feel like my inner demons are literally being lifted from inside of me and that finally, someone 100% understands what I’m going through. it came around at a very low point of my life, and I will forever be grateful they shared this song with us.” – Kara Murphy, Writer

Sounds Good Feels Good Anniversary
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We know how important the album is to the entire fandom, so we took it to Twitter to find out some of your favorite songs and what they mean to you.

“‘Outer space/Carry On’ will always have a special place in my heart. The background on my laptop is a picture I found online that says “Nothing Like the Rain when you’re in Outer space”” – @_kaitlyn_wolf_

“My favorites would probably be ‘Broken Home’ or ‘Invisible’ because they put into words everything I was feeling at the time. I could listen to them and know that I’m not in this alone, I’m not the only one. I feel heard or understood with these songs.” – @maslevale

“For me, it’s ‘Safety Pin’. I love the fact that it’s not one person swooping in and saving the other person. They both saved each other and it’s just so beautiful.” – @lauren7poulton

“Airplanes. That song can literally take me out of a panic attack. I just feel ready to face the world listening to it.” – @Sgfg_anna

“I relate to ‘The Girl Who Cried Wolf’ because had to make up stories to get my dad to care about me.” – @Euni5SOS

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“‘Catch Fire’ means a lot to me because I relate to it so much and I can also just scream the lyrics and it’ll make me feel better” – @ghostinlrh

“The songs that mean the most to me are definitely ‘Waste The Night’ and ‘Catch Fire because both of them signify to me about taking chances before they’re gone. and to just live life one day at a time and not waste any moment.” – @bananahemmingx

“Probably ‘Vapor’ means the most. It reminds me of being young and driving fast at night with the windows down and seeing the city lights zoom past. Just of youth and endless possibilities really. Though I know that’s not really what the song is about, that’s just what comes to mind!” – @carr2394

“San Francisco speaks to me. I moved out when I was 18 to college, and even though I’m not from San Francisco, my island, Bonaire, has everything the song describes. it made me always think of home, my parents, and how it felt to be around people who love you and truly know you.” – @michiispeaks

Happy Anniversary, ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’! And thank you, 5SOS, for writing such a personal album which helped towards the healing of millions of your fans.

Which is your favorite song from the album? Do you still listen to it four years on? Share your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s celebrate such an important record!

Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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