Check Out Gallant’s ‘Sweet Insomnia’, The New Song That Kendall And Kylie Are Loving!

Check Out Gallant’s ‘Sweet Insomnia’, The New Song That Kendall And Kylie Are Loving!

Need some more music on your playlist? Meet Gallant; the R&B artist that will give you 2000s vibe music. He has been a GRAMMY award nominee in the category of ‘Best Urban Contemporary Album’ for his debut project Ology. He also has the approval of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as they played the song for their fall collection promo. It’s clear he knows how to make his listeners feel the emotion and relate to his music. Gallant has been around for quite a while, as he has worked with other artists such as John Legend, Jhene Aiko, and now 6lack.

Now Gallant drops ‘Sweet Insomnia’ which features fellow R&B artist 6lack. This laid back, feel-good track expresses the want to be with their special someone– the feeling they get whenever they’re with them. Whether you’re driving at night with the windows down, curled up with your boo (or with your blankets. Same difference.), this song is perfect for any mood!

Stay on the lookout for the 25th because Gallant will also be releasing his third album with the same name. NOW, if you’re already in love with the single like we are, then you’ll definitely want to give his album a listen. We get the song is called sweet insomnia, but don’t actually sleep on it!

We’ll be one of the first to report back to you for Fresh Music Friday!

What do you guys think of the single? Will you be tuning in when Gallant drops ‘Sweet Insomnia’? Does this song make you want a boo? Does it make you want to cuddle up with your special someone? Comment your thoughts down below!

To learn more about Gallant:

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