Louis Tomlinson’s Dropped A Single, A Music Video, A Tour, Oh My!

Louis Tomlinson’s Dropped A Single, A Music Video, A Tour, Oh My!

Louis Tomlinson has had a hell of a week in terms of feeding his fans the content they deserve! Having just announced his debut album ‘Walls’ yesterday, he’s now dropped his brand new single, ‘We Made It’ along with an accompanying music video.

According to Louis, the song is dedicated to the two loves of his life; his longtime girlfriend and his fans. N’aww!

Louis Tomlinson Announces World Tour
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Speaking to Billboard about the track, Louis said: “The verses are written about the early times of me and my girlfriend, me going to visit her at university and stuff.”

He continues: “But the sentiment of the chorus is a message that is something I know I’m going to feel on my first tour dates, for example. That feeling of achievement — I want it to feel collective because the fans have been really patient with me. I’ve gone through a bit, and they were super supportive. It was kind of just a message to them, really.”

But wait, there’s more!

If that wasn’t enough of a big deal for today, Tommo has only gone and dropped the first announcement of his 2020 WORLD TOUR! Scream with us, please!

Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Twitter

The 43-date tour sees Louis kicking off in Europe, heading back to the UK (including his hometown of Doncaster), then going to Asia, Australia, South America, United States, and Canada. If you can’t see your city on the list, don’t worry just yet as he’s said that there are a few more dates to come! I’m crossing my fingers he comes to your area very soon.

Louis Tomlinson Announces World Tour
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Oh me, oh my, what a week this has been! And tomorrow, we have the livestream events that Louis will be taking part in. We’re gonna need a nap when we reach the weekend if we’re not too excited!

What do you think of ‘We Made It’? Are you going to aim for tickets for Louis’ tour? Share your excitement in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s get hype for our lad Tommo!

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