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Rich People: “Intentions to Provoke Thought Not People”

Rich People: “Intentions to Provoke Thought Not People”

We’re better hype men for Philadelphia bands then Diddy was for Biggie. Okay, maybe not that good, but we’re working on it. Not only do we ride or die for Rich People, due to their Philly ties, but because they are just damn good. We’re here to document the start off their ultimate, and well deserving uprising.

Who’s Rich?

PEOPLE. RICH PEOPLE. Swinging out of Philly basements to sold out concert venues, Rich People is made up of Rob Rich (Guitar/Vocals), Blake Horner (Guitar/Vocals), Conner DeMuro (Bass) and Tyler Falcone (Drums). It’s hard for us to label a band as obscure (ha..get it) as this. But we’ll give you an insiders perspective, or at least try our best to.

If after this, you feel like we haven’t given you enough, Rich People’s very own Rob Rich utilizes a blog for the band that will help you dive even further into the soul and mind of this band. It shows that this journey is a very personal endeavor, focused on recovery, learning to feel worthy of love, and self reflection. A favorite line of ours was the bands tagline ‘Intention to provoke thought, not people’, and that is exactly what they do, provoke thought. Bands like this aren’t easy to come by, so when you find ones like this that not only evoke raw emotion and passion, but have you analyzing every inch of your essential being, you NEVER stop jamming them.

Rich People Live Crowd
Image Source: Rich People on Twitter

We could go on and on about how their discography rocks, and how stoked we are for the eventual unveiling of new music. Contextual, true poetry, and a way with words that can make the whole world swoon is what Rich People delivers. However, we think the only way to experience Rich People’s soulful, emo filled, lyrically blessed, power jams is to experience them yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll direct you where to go. Just be prepared for finger-pointing angst-filled feels. (Follow their Spotify here.)

See Rich People For Real

It is clear that creating music and being on stage is where this band belongs. Just wrapping up a tour with Grayscale, Belmont, and Bearings, this was an absolute dream to see. First of all, that line up? Stacked. Secondly, last day of tour? Hometown show? Stakes were high, but the energy the crowd returned was higher. Rich People did not disappoint. Pure happiness, passion, sweat, and smiles, were endured by all.

As they powered through a set we wish could go on forever, the bands energy vibrated off of them and onto the sold out crowd. Comparable to falling in love, ya know, giddy, dizzy, hypnotized, kinda feel like puking cause you don’t want it to end. Yeah, we went there, and we’re for real. With a stage presences, uniqueness, and utterly relatable lyrics (and dimples, sorry Rob) that can’t be matched, we are certain that this is just the beginning. The beginning of one hell of a ride. We can’t think of anyone more deserving.

See Also

Rich People has taken to social media to let us know that we have lots to look forward to in the new year. Stay tuned for more coverage, because we are keeping Rich People on our radar. In the meantime, subscribe to their YouTube channel below to stay updated.

Rich People
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Featured Image Source: Jessica Flynn

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