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Abby K- Never Underestimate A Girl And Her Bass!

Abby K- Never Underestimate A Girl And Her Bass!

Never underestimate a girl and her bass! This is what pop musician Abby K has made clear with her recent release ‘It Should Have Been Me’

Abby worked with her manager and producer Eddie Z to bring the track to life as a pop song with a rock hook. We have to say we love this track and cannot wait to hear more from the talented musician!

Stylistically we have to agree with the comparison to Avril Lavigne and Halestorm.

“Abby K is one of the most gifted and focused musicians that I’ve worked with,” Eddie Z, 25-year industry veteran and owner of Charlotte’s The Playroom Rehearsal & Recording Facility, said. “It’s amazing to see this teenage girl walk onstage and deliver a ferocious, punch you in-the-mouth, performance. She’s a powerhouse.”

Image Source: Abby K On Bass Official

Abby found her love of rock music when attending a KISS concert with her father. After that show she spent every moment she could practicing and honing her craft. Also being only one of three bassists to attend Grammy camp in summer 2018.

We highly recommend checking her out, you will not be disappointed!

Abby has spoken about people factoring her age and has said her age should not be taken into accounting saying, “Just because I’m still in high school, it doesn’t mean that I take this lightly. This is the career that I’ve been preparing for my whole life and I’m ready to be an inspiration to other girls that want to rock.”

And rock she certainly does!

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Featured Image: Abby K On Bass Official

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