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Fresh Music Friday: Selena Gomez, Louis Tomlinson, Lizzo And More Treat Us To Some Sweet New Releases

Fresh Music Friday: Selena Gomez, Louis Tomlinson, Lizzo And More Treat Us To Some Sweet New Releases

Fresh Music Friday

Welcome back to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Lose You To Love Me’ – Selena Gomez

After huge anticipation, Selena Gomez has returned! The pop princess released her emotional new single which is full of raw emotions as she closes a difficult chapter in her life all while finding peace along the way. The piano-fueled ballad is an anthem for everyone who has dealt with a difficult breakup as the lyrics are super relatable. ‘Lose You To Love Me’ really makes you feel Selena’s emotions which she deals with in terms of the relationship’s history and the impact it’s had on her. 10/10 would recommend for when you need to let those tears out.

Listen to the single here

‘We Made It’ – Louis Tomlinson

What a week for Louis Tomlinson! In between announcing his debut album and world tour, Doncaster’s finest still had time to drop his new single and accompanying music video. Speaking about the track, Louis says that ‘We Made It’ is dedicated to the two loves of his life – his longtime girlfriend and his dedicated fans. The Oasis-inspired bop seeks mission to bring back instruments to the charts and is definitely for the cooler side of pop. “When I grew up, pop meant Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Amy Winehouse. Times change, obviously. Currently pop is very urban and street, which is not what I relate to. Sure, I could make those sort of songs, but they wouldn’t feel like me. The puzzle was how to please both myself and the fans,” says Louis on the inspiration for his new single and album’s sound influence.

Listen to the single here

‘Good As Hell (remix)’ – Lizzo featuring Ariana Grande

Just when you thought this song couldn’t be more incredible, Lizzo calls on Miss Ariana Grande to step in on a remix! This self-love anthem has been given a new lease of life as the ‘7 Rings’ hitmaker hops on the track with some new lyrics, making it the ultimate PSA for people to love themselves as much as they would anyone they get into a relationship with. This remix truly slaps and you can catch our self-esteem increasing whenever this shows up on our shuffle!

‘Ass Like That’ – Victoria Monet

Brought to you by one of our generation’s finest pop music songwriters who is responsible for many of your favorite hit singles, Victoria Monét has dropped her latest single, ‘Ass Like That’. The body-posi song is one that needs to be heard by today’s younger generation as well as anyone who is on a journey to love themselves more. “I wanted to be strong enough to talk about my own body the way do in rap. I reserve and deserve the right to talk about it without the world’s approval. They never asked for mine when they comment they never ask for ours,” says Monét about the chilled R&B track. This is definitely one for your workout sessions or just for when you need to remind yourself you and your body are worthy of being loved, even by yourself.

Listen to the single here

‘All I Want (For Christmas)’ – Liam Payne

We’ve got a bone to pick with Liam. We’re a week away from Halloween and while we’re trying to get into the spooky spirit, he goes and drops a Christmas tune! Whaaat? But given that it’s Liam Payne, we’ll allow it. This soft ballad tells the story of Liam’s one Christmas wish being to fix a broken relationship and heal his hurting heart. The simple melody consisting of piano and strings makes for easy listening as we listen to the vulnerability of Liam’s storytelling. If you can make it past wanting to cuddle the heck out of Payno, this song is perfect for those cozy winter evenings while wrapping presents or baking some sweet treats.

Listen to the single here

‘The Dream Chapter: MAGIC’ – TXT

Dubbed as the little brothers of BTS, TXT has just released their first studio album with promises that they’ve got what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the Bangtang Boys. ‘The Dream Chapter: Magic’ really takes you on a journey of the up-and-coming KPOP group, traveling through eras before their time, yet is embedded with their signature sound. ‘Rollercoaster’ is full of early 90s drums and synths, with ’20cm’ being a total slow jam. The band are marrying hip hop and harmonies, creating a valiant pop sound. The album truly does showcase TXT’s talents and we’re excited to see where their journey takes them.

Listen to the album here

‘Nice To Meet Ya (Stripped Version)’ – Niall Horan

Niall Horan has just released a brand new version of his latest single, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’. The Irish heartthrob has taken his latest single and given us a raw live version with just his guitar and luscious vocals. This makes a fresh change for your more chilled-out playlist when you want to take things easy.

Listen to the single here

‘Frail State of Mind’ – The 1975

The 1975 are gearing up for their upcoming fourth studio album and have just dropped their brand new single, ‘Fragile State of Mind’. The drum-heavy restive track has a slight distortion, something that your head might be feeling when dealing with a bout of anxiety, which is what frontman, Matt Healy, confirms the song is about. The song also discloses the reason to why he tends to dip on attending events out of fear he would be a burden for people there. “It’s about anxiety. We’re having a global anxiety attack,” Healy told Zane Lowe during a Beats 1 interview.

Listen to the single here

‘Raising Hell’ – Kesha featuring Big Freedia

Kesha is back for a brand new era following the announcement of her upcoming album, ‘High Road’. Her new single ‘Raising Hell’ is a cacophonous party anthem Kesha mixes her folksy roots we witnessed in her previous album with big beats that formulates the perfect club-oriented song for you to shake what the good Lord gave you. Speaking to SiriusXM about her new track, Kesha said: “I created ‘Raising Hell’ in the basement of a strange home I’d never been to before. I was with my friends, and we were talking about life, and how we’re all very good-hearted people, but sometimes we just like to do bad stuff. It feels good, and it’s fin to be bad sometimes.” Here here, Kesha!

Listen to the new single here

‘EZ EZ’ – Camryn

Hardcore Directioners and Harmonizers may remember Camryn as the lively and enthusiastic teen who opened for their favorite artists on some of their arena tours. Now, the 20-year-old artist is all grown up and back with her brand new single, ‘EZ EZ’. Speaking to us about the new track, Camryn says the lively song is about new beginnings of a relationship. “There can be a lot of pressure that comes with dating someone new and this song reminds people to keep it light and enjoyable.” Having always performed with a live band, Camryn’s aim has always been to bring back instruments and marries this with the upbeat pop mixes that we love to hear on the radio, making it appealing for a large audience. This is 100% a certified bop and deserves a place on your playlist!

Listen to the single here

‘Ride Or Die’ – Megan Thee Stallion x VickeeLo

Ya girl, Megan Thee Stallion is back with a brand new single and it’s a pure banger. Featured on ‘Queen & Slim: The Soundtrack’ which Megan was eager to. be part of “because this movie is going to do big things for the culture.” This is the rapper’s third new collaboration in less than a month and includes a sneaky lyrical reference to NERD’s ‘Lemon’, which Megan recently saw Pharrell and Rihanna perform at RiRi’s Diamond Ball last month.

Listen to the single here

‘The Ruins’ (EP) – Vista

This slick and lyrically haunting EP starts with ‘The Ruins’ a musical intro that is slightly unnerving while somewhat chilled at the same time. The first full track ‘After Death’ is fresh, snappy and definitely an enjoyable listen. Followed by ‘Sin City’ which has a very pop vibe, extremely catchy- by the second chorus you’ll be singing along! Track 4 featuring Okan Kazdal has hauntingly beautiful vocals and lyrics. ‘Novocaine’ the final track, slows the pace of this EP fittingly. Truly beautiful in its rawness. We’re expecting big things from ‘Vista’!

Listen to the EP here

‘Look To Me’ – Rachel Lynn

‘Look To Me’ By Rachel Lynn is soulfully and beautifully sang over a punchy melody. Speaking of the song Rachel says: “‘Look to Me’ is about trying to be a source of support for someone who’s struggling with their inner demons. Sometimes those demons can try to take over a relationship, and it’s a difficult battle for everyone involved. Musically, the song as a retro-pop vibe, so my producer, Ali Culotte wanted to mix it as a modern-pop song with a nod to earlier eras.” Taken this into consideration, we can definitely see what she means this song almost feels like from a different era but in a good way with nostalgic vibes and being a song of support is lyrically emotional.

Listen to the single here

‘Scary Nights’ – Alexandra Kessler

Unsigned artist, Alexandra Kessler, has dropped her second single ‘Scary Nights’ and is something we at The Honey POP had to give a mention to in Fresh Music Friday! At first listen, the single sounds like the perfect fit for your Halloween playlist, and it is. But when speaking about the meaning behind the track, Kessler reveals a deeper story; her experience with paranoia. “I think it’s my job and my duty as an artist to tell a story or share a message through my music and I feel like this specific track has such an important has such an important story and such an important message behind it,” Alexandra explains. The haunting melodies and layering of the song are experimental for Kessler in terms of genre and mixing and make it perfect for this time of year. This is a completely different direction from her debut single ‘Sad Love Song’ and showcases the diversity of Kessler’s talents.

Listen to the single here

‘Purple’ (EP) – Dylan

On-the-rise indie artist Dylan has just released her first EP, ‘Purple’. Having attended Dylan’s ‘Purple’ party to celebrate the launch of the record, we already knew what to expect, but it didn’t alter how much we loved it when it released. The 5-track extended play is a great introduction to Dylan, who was recently BBC Music Introducing’s ‘Track of the Week’ on BBC Radio 1, as an artist. As a “self-proclaimed indie fuck”, this EP is a testament to that statement in the best way possible.

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Listen to the EP here

‘Stupid’ – Ashnikko featuring Yung Baby Tate

The viral hit ‘Stupid’ from Ashnikko featuring Yung Baby Tate finally has a music video for your viewing pleasure! The duo collab to give you a spooky yet amusing visual for her single in honor of Halloween coming up in less than a week! In the video, the London-based rapper goes down a list of names who represent the exes that she wants revenge from. Both carry an axe with them, and we can only assume that they’re either chopping their heads off or their… well— use your imagination. The single got major attention thanks to a little app called Tik-Tok (ever heard of it?) and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, going from 15K to 29M global streams in a small number of weeks. We’re excited to see it continue to smash it!

Listen to the single here

‘If We Never Met’ – John K

Smooth rising pop singer John K just dropped a music video for his hit single ‘If We Never Met’ – and we cannot get enough! This music video is simply beautiful, taking a chill love song and giving it an equally cool and stunning visual. Following the crazy success of the single, reaching nearly 30 million streams, we at The Honey POP are ecstatic to finally see the song put into a get its visual. The video features K and his female counterpart sitting and singing in front of a backdrop of film-styled video clips. The calm videos in the background really add to the vibe of the song, making it aesthetic both audibly and visibly. If you’re a fan of mellow, summery love songs you need to check out this song and its brand new music video.

Listen to the single here

‘No Control’ – Aaron Carpenter

Former MAGCON star, Aaron Carpenter, rose to fame on former social media app ‘Vine’ (RIP) and has come a long way from those six-second videos. His brand new single ‘No Control’ definitely falls into the R&B/pop category. With its sexy beat, slick lyrics and truly sweet vocals, I think we can expect a bright future for Aaron. The vastly talented musician who can play drums, piano, and guitar brings us a little of the past with Justin Timberlake’s vibes and his own spin on the genre he easily fits within. This would have been a great summer track yet we can also see it being a slow jam on the club scene.

Listen to the single here

‘Projector’ – Eden

This new single from Eden is from the highly anticipated album ‘No Future’ due for release on February 14th, 2020. Dreamlike in its melody and blissful production, ‘Projector’ was created and produced by Eden in his home studio. Speaking about the track the musician says, “‘Projector’ is about appreciating all the ebbs and flows and accepting how things really are instead of wishing they were some other way. It started out as a very no-man’s-land kind of song, and then the lyrics ended up reflecting the concept of the death of the universe into a very personal space: this idea that no matter what’s going on in your life right now, everything eventually runs its course.” The tension and sadness of the words of the song mixed with the tune of the track fall into place beautifully.

Listen to the single here

‘Ghost of You’ – Paper Jackets

California sextet Paper Jackets have just released their brand new single ‘Ghost of You’. Speaking of the song, vocalist James Mason shares “‘Ghost of You’ is about rivaling inner turmoils, keeping pace with circular thoughts and anxieties that run wild in the mind. The video portrays that over the simple message of the song which is there are no haunted places just haunted people. And hey, everyone is a little haunted and that’s ok!” The track with its pop synth vibes is very catchy and is one of those songs that you can play a couple of times and remember all the lyrics. We look forward to hearing more of their music in the near future!

Listen to the single here

Check out this week’s playlist below…

What songs are you loving from this week’s Fresh Music Friday? Share your faves down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s crank up the tunes for the weekend!

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