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The Rumors are True, The Happy Alright Has a New EP!

The Rumors are True, The Happy Alright Has a New EP!

Fun and upbeat, with a dash of brutal honesty, The Happy Alright is a two-part band that originates directly from Texas. It consists of Sterling Gavinski and Mason Steeger. After a trying year and rumors swirling around about the band’s demise, THA took to twitter to set things straight; none of the rumors were true, including those oddball ones stating new music would be coming in the month of October.

Of course, it was one big joke and everyone knew exactly what these guys were hinting at. But what’s life without a bit of humor? In a few week’s time, fans would have a brand new EP in their hands, so why not have a little fun with everyone first!

The “rumors” were followed by a round of cute strawberry-milk-pink envelopes, sealed with a strawberry wax seal. They contained cryptic postcards and a date of 10.18.19 (that’s 18 October, 2019 for you non-Americans). The arrival of these little notes generated plenty of talk throughout the land of the little blue bird; fans were amped to see what exactly Gavinski and Steeger were up to.

On October 18th, The Happy Alright dropped “One-Eyed Legend” as the leading single of this sweet new era. Telling the story of a conversation between Sterling and his dog, Myka, after the pup had to have surgery to remove one of his eyes, the track starts out sounding like it’s going to be a ballad. It’s not long before it kicks of into an upbeat jam as words of general confusion and nostalgia float between the two musicians.

Additionally, the music video appropriately features the band strolling through town with several different dogs and the guys generally looking like they’re having a blast. And honestly? We can’t blame them! If we had to film a music video, one full of puppies would definitely be the ideal situation in which that happened.

On the same day, the band’s new EP Thank You Very Much was announced alongside pre-order bundles. (Did we mention they use comfort colors for their shirts, because they do, and we’re in looooove!) The anticipation over finally having another collection of work from these guys was beyond real and the official countdown was on!

Just days before the official release, The Happy Alright dropped another single on fans, alongside a lyric video that (coincidentally) provides perfectly spooky vibes right in time for Halloween!

“Next 2 Me” tells the story of a long distance relationship and the negative impact social media can have on our lives. I think most of us have been there and it’s kind of ironic that something that’s meant to bring us all a little closer together tends to be a force that drives so many relationships apart. With salt falling from each line within he track, “Next 2 Me” perfectly sums up how so many of us feel about modern relationships.

Might f*ck around and get some sleep. Send tweet.

Felt that.

At this point, five tracks from the EP remained unheard. We’re here to confirm they’re just as great as the first two! With a mix of fun guitar bits, the tsst tsst tsst of cymbals, just a sprinkle of acoustic guitar, and some killer bass lines, Thank You Very Much is chalked full of solid jams for all occasions.

Feeling a bit sad? Turn up track 6! Need some angsty shouting and lyric yelling as loud as you can? “How It Feels” is the track for you (also check here for the album name drop)! Looking for that generational call-to-action? Wow, sounds like you need some “Love on Screen” in your life!

Overall, Thank You Very Much is a switch in sound for the duo, whose previous bodies of work sat comfortably somewhere between rock and pop-punk. This isn’t a bad thing, though. We’re thoroughly enjoying the shift into the pop realm of things and we highly suggest you take a chance on these guys before they’re selling out your favorite venues. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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Scroll down to check out our discussion with THA’s frontman, Sterling.
It’s everything from new music, to future plans, to puppies!

The Happy Alright

Last week you dropped a new single, “One-Eyed Legend.” Can you tell us a bit about that? What does the song title have to do with the actual message of the track itself?
“One-Eyed Legend” is a song about my dog, Myka- it’s essentially a conversation between us. Myka had to get his eye removed last year and the song kinda stemmed from that event and how I wish I could explain to him what was going on. It’s basically representative of my confusion about the experience of life altogether.

There’s a music video that accompanies the single. It looks like it was a lot of fun to film, you got to hang out with dogs the whole time, which honestly sounds like a dream. Is there a particular reason you went that route with the video? 
We knew the video should be fun but also have a borderline nostalgic, almost dreamy vibe. The director Travis Beverly absolutely nailed it. Half of the video was shot on an 4K camera and the other half was shot on a camcorder from the early 2000s to match the dreamy, nostalgic feeling that the song has. The choice of having dogs be the focus of the video was obvious to us because of the subject matter of the song. 

Were there other ideas for the video prior to the one we actually got to see?
One idea that we really tried to make happen but just couldn’t accomplish was getting a dalmatian in the video. Fun fact: trained dog actors are expensive as f*ck!

You’ve also just released a second single from the EP. This one is called “Next 2 Me.” It seems a bit angrier than the previous single. What’s that about? Can we dive into the meaning behind it?
“Next 2 Me” is about social media and how despite the so-called connectivity it really just makes you feel far away from everyone and everything. The song specifically talks about a long distance relationship. When you’re on FaceTime, you’re really just alone with a telephone.

Thank You Very Much

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The music video gives off all sorts of spooky vibes. Did you do that intentionally since the release is in October? Are you guys major fans of spooky things?
It’s not Halloween-related but it was definitely a nice coincidence. We are huge fans of horror films and I especially love over the top, horror-comedy stuff so it was pretty hard to resist making the self-aware twist ending to the “Next 2 Me” video.

You have an EP that drops today (Friday, October 25), which track are you most excited for everyone to hear and why?
I’m really fired up about “Lucky 2 Kno U.” It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve written. I think people will gravitate towards it.

Can we talk about the inspiration behind the record? What was your thought process when the writing for it began and what was your goal for the completed body of work? 
Our main goal with this record was to just challenge everything people have come to expect about our band and to make exactly what we wanted to make. It was very important to us that we made something more honest than ever for us and I really think we accomplished that.

Who does what when it comes to writing for The Happy Alright? Is it a pretty even split? Does someone usually focus on lyrics while someone else tends to focus on the melodies?
Most of the time I will bring an idea to the table like a lyric, a riff or even most of a finished song and we’ll build off of that, but sometimes we will just jam in a room until something exciting happens. 

Did the final EP turn out the way you thought it would when this entire process began?
You know, it honestly didn’t. The whole process was a roller-coaster of emotions, but I am extremely proud of the final product and of how hard everyone worked to make this happen. So relieved and ecstatic that the day is finally here that it’s out in the world.

Let’s discuss your current plans for the band as we approach 2020. You’ve got a brand new EP out, now what? Are we thinking about a tour? More music videos? What can you share with us?
We are planning some touring and a few other exciting things… 

What about future plans? What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2020? Where do you hope to see The Happy Alright?

I feel like nothing is a surprise anymore with bands in 2019. I want to spend 2020 giving people something that refreshes and excites them. That’s what I really want out of this band – I want to end your boredom. 

Finally, for everyone reading. What is something you’d like people to know about THA before they begin listening to your music?
Listen to our new EP and listen LOUD as hell.

The Happy Alright

The Happy Alright

Images: Faith Alesia

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