We the Kings Turn it Up with a New Single and New Tour Dates!

We the Kings Turn it Up with a New Single and New Tour Dates!

We The Kings are back and ready to take on the rock industry with a new single and a tour to go along with it!

The rock band dropped their new single “Turn It Up” as an intro to their tour with Simple Plan & State Champs. The tour will take off on October 25th in Tallahassee, FL, followed by Atlanta. We’re glad you guys are back to rock and roll! No pun intended.

If you’re interested in tour dates or purchasing tickets, click here!

According to the lead singer, Travis Clark, 2020 is bound to be a bright future ahead of them.

“I’ve been insanely busy over the last year constructing our 7th album with the guys as well as writing Avril Lavigne’s single, ‘Head Above Water,’ and collaborating with Simple Plan and State Champs on the song ‘Where I Belong’ which was just released ahead of the tour we are all doing over the next few months.”

S-Curve Records/BMG

We wouldn’t doubt that for a second! We’ll be sure to give you guys the deets when they release the date of their 7th studio album! Keep your eyes open all 2020; it’s bound to be a huge year for many artists, and We The Kings is one of them.

Based on the success they’ve had with their 6th album, “Six”, we guaranteed that WTK 7 will get even more love! Not only did “Six” sit at number 18 on the Current Pop Album, they also sat at number 13 in Digital Albums, number 21 in Current Albums, and the list goes on! We’ll be dancing on the sidelines and cheering them on here at The Honey Pop!

“Turn It Up” is available everywhere to stream. You can listen to it on Spotify here!

Did you guys love the single as much as we did? Are you excited for the upcoming tour dates? Are there any plans to see the band live? Regardless, we welcome your thoughts in the comment section down below!



Image: Courtesy of Lee Cherry

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