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We’ll Be Forever Warped With The Story of Warped Tour

We’ll Be Forever Warped With The Story of Warped Tour

Kids putting on their darkest clothes and tightest jeans during the hottest months of the year has sadly come to an end. In 2018 The Vans Warped Tour announced that they were heading on their last cross country tour. After 25 years, the punk rock summer camp had finally come to an end. Kids will no longer be waiting for the summer and the Warped Tour.

But Warped Tour isn’t dead just yet, luckily for all of us emos out there. Anthem Films is to making “The Story of Warped Tour”. It’s going to be a 3 part docu-series that will showcase live footage, exclusive interviews, and the major impact that this tour has had on music. Director Djay Brawner and his team are turning towards the fans of Warped Tour to help fund this project. Warped Tour was originally a DIY project and there is a lot of freedom the comes with crowdfunding. It seemed only fitting to make this a Kickstart funded documentary. The goal is to raise $150,000, giving fans who help get this opportunity going the chance to attend the premiere, one-on-one lessons with people involved in the music industry, and exclusive merch.

Each part of the docu-series will focus on different decades of the tour. First, it will go into the rise of the punk scene related to Warped Tour. Then, about the impact of Pop Punk, Emo, and Screamo. Lastly it’ll explore the rapid change of the scene and the finale days of this beloved festival. They  promise to dig deep into the past to give a full view of the impact of the festival. Interviews have already begun with members from some of the most beloved bands who’ve been on the tour, and many more are still in the works.

Warped Tour

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Not only will this be a way to document the huge impact of Warped Tour, it will be a way to keep it alive in all of our hearts. Summers will never be the same without Warped Tour. And I’ll always be a little upset I never got the chance to be the cool mom who takes her kids to a punk rock music festival. But at least Djay Brawner and Anthem Films are giving us all the chance to stay forever warped with the “Story of Warped Tour” documentary.

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