Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves Reunite For a Duet And We Are A Hot Ass Mess Because Of It

Harry Styles and Kacey Musgraves Reunite For a Duet And We Are A Hot Ass Mess Because Of It

Kacey Musgraves surprised her audience in Nashville last night after inviting former tour buddy Harry Styles on stage to perform ‘Space Cowboy’, from her 2018 album ‘Golden Hour’ – and it was truly a moment.

Harry Styles Kacey Musgraves Duet Again
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The ‘Lights Up’ hitmaker joined Musgraves to deliver a wholehearted duet of the track at the country-pop singer’s final tour date of her ‘Oh, What a World: Tour II’ at Bridgestone Arena.

At the end of their performance, Mr Styles expressed his utmost gratitude towards Kacey, saying  “As a peer, and someone I like to call a friend, it’s always a pleasure, an honor to share the stage with this lady.”

“She’s made a couple of my favorite albums, and it’s an honor to be here tonight with all of you to say congratulations and round off this wonderful tour, and a wonderful year.”

Imagine receiving beautiful words of praise from anyone, let alone Harry Styles. Can’t relate.

Harry Styles Kacey Musgraves Duet Again
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It turns out Harry’s guest performance went down a treat, too.

Sorry, Avery’s brother, that was just us screaming from our bedrooms when we saw the moment go viral in real-time on Twitter.

Following the performance, Kacey and Harry were later spotted getting their groove on with a bunch of Strom Troopers, as one does following a total smash of a duet.

Oh, to be in one of those costumes there at that moment.

We’re hoping that with Harry’s new era set to kick-off very soon, we’ll see these two’s paths cross once again in the near future.

Were you at the show? What was your reaction to Harry’s surprise performance? Gush all about it in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s watch it on a loop for the next 12 hours together.

Can’t get enough of Harry Styles? We’ve got you covered

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