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Silverstein’s Cover Of “Disarm” Is Powerful AF

Silverstein’s Cover Of “Disarm” Is Powerful AF

Hopeless Records is dropping Vol. 2 of Songs That Saved My Life, and Silverstein’s cover of “Disarm” by The Smashing Pumpkin’s is a stand-out song on the album. Silverstein’s cover track takes its place as the second of 10 tracks on the album total, and for good reason.

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Silverstein’s Cover Of “Disarm”

The Smashing Pumpkin’s “Disarm” is an emotional ballad written about Billy Corgan’s, The Smashing Pumpkin’s lead singer, rocky home life while he was growing up. It certainly isn’t hard to see why this song had such an incredible impact on Silverstein; with lyrics like “the killer in me is the killer in you,” “disarm you with a smile,” as well as “I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes,” this song is a true work of poetry that anyone struggling can hold close. Silverstein surely had some big shoes to fill, and oh did they fill them! Silverstein’s passion can be clearly be heard in this cover, making this version seem that much more powerful, as if doing this already hard-hitting song wasn’t a power move on its on.

Silverstein’s cover of “Disarm” features elements of the original song, such as the instrumentals and overall melody, but they did not allow the pressure of covering such a powerful song deter them from putting their own original touch on the vocals that slightly stray from the original track, allowing their authentic voice to tell the story of their struggles with mental health. Overall, Silverstein’s cover is a true work of art that clearly and beautifully portrays his emotions as he was struggling with his mental health. All this being said, there is not a doubt in my mind that they have done the song absolute justice; this cover is sure to move you, and is an absolute job well done by Silverstein.

About The Album

The albums Songs That Saved My Life Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are both not-for-profit albums that set out to raise both awareness and funding for mental health struggles. The songs chosen by the artists featured are all songs that have benefited them in their mental health battle. The proceeds from the album will be donated to a variety of organizations that support mental health awareness. These include Crisis Text Line, Hope For The Day, The Trevor Project, and To Write Love On Her Arms.

The album is currently available for preorder, and will be dropping on November 8th. In the meantime, Silverstein’s gorgeous cover is available for streaming on Spotify!

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