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10 Celeb Halloween Costumes We Are Living For!

10 Celeb Halloween Costumes We Are Living For!

We are in the midst of spooky Halloween season! The weekend past saw many of our faves attending parties and events in their best costumes!

At The Honey Pop we thought we would take the opportunity to showcase the costumes we are living for, that we have seen so far!

1. Gigi Gorgeous & Nats Getty

Gigi and partner Nats are serving us Jack & Sally and we Stan! We stanned already but that’s besides the point these two are adorable!

2. Demi Lovato

As the iconic Pennywise, Demi looked incredible, spooky and eerily sexy all at once. Which is no easy feat and we want to know how she does it! I am sure plenty of people will be depicting this costume this Halloween with the recent drop of ‘IT: Chapter Two’ but I doubt anyone will top this interpretation!

3. Halsey

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Halsey has stepped out in a couple of looks in the past few days but this is my personal fave! Here she depicts an eerily uncanny likeness of Marilyn Manson. Honestly my favorite costume I have seen this year!

4. Bermuda

Bermuda takes us back to a time where on Wednesdays we wear pink as the iconic Regina George from Mean Girls. Ironically Bermuda may be a robotic influencer but this is probably the most realistic look featured on our list!

5. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake and his wife Jessica Biel hilariously depicted Justin from his Nsync days after Jessica recently said on national TV she didn’t know any Nsync songs! Justin dressed as a microphone and these pictures had us laughing so much- or should I say cackling like a witch… alright okay I’ll stop!

6. Liam Payne

Liam served Clark Kent/Superman vibes and we are here for it! This subtle outfit still manages to make me have feelings. How does he do that!

7. Lil Miquela

Miquela may call her friends ‘Miqualiens’ but this outfit of her depicting an alien during this season is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen. As one the most purest influencers out there, she may be a robot but her heart is real!

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8. Jaclyn Hill

After what has been a stressful year for Jaclyn with the beauty drama and faulty lipsticks from her own line, its good to see Jaclyn not taking herself so seriously! With a playful nod to cancelled culture and what it has tried to do to her recently, I am happy to see her making a comeback. Her most recent videos show that despite the awful year she has had she is coming back fierce!

9. Lewis Capaldi

Okay this might not be for Halloween, but it is the Halloween season. With Lewis scoring number 1 in the US Hot 100 and donning the flag on his face I could not resist adding him here. Because quite frankly he is a legend!

10. Manny MUA

Having recently released an Ouija themed palette over the spooky season YouTuber beauty guru Manny teases us with reading our fortune and is serving looks!

What outfits have you seen your faves wearing this Halloween that we haven’t spoken about? Tweet us at The Honey Pop and let us know!

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Featured Image: Brock University

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