Did Louis Tomlinson Just Confirm All Singles From His Debut Album?

Did Louis Tomlinson Just Confirm All Singles From His Debut Album?

Move over Kardashians, we’re all about keeping up with the Tomlinsons right now! Louis has been completely on a roll this past week and a half. Tours, singles, albums and now he’s gone and decided to give us even more!

Louis Tomlinson Confirms New Singles
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Chatting to some fans on Twitter a few minutes ago, Louis Tomlinson confirmed two singles from his debut album that’s set to release January 31st, which includes ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ and ‘Walls’.

The former is what we hear at the end of the music video for Tommo’s latest single ‘We Made It’, so we can assume that that is the next release as we see the preview of the music video link in, as we did with ‘We Made It’ at the end of the video for ‘Kill My Mind’. It seems as though there’s a story to tell between these four singles and their accompanying visuals, so we’re super stoked to see it all come together!

Louis Tomlinson Confirms New Singles
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Then ‘Walls’ is the same name as the album, so we’re not too surprised to see that one as a single, either. Louis also confirmed it’s one of his favorites.

When talking about which song he thinks will be the songs his fans will love the most, he said:

Despite us not actually having the official tracklist yet, Louis’ let out a lot of names so far! We can’t wait to see what all of them are going to be named and call dibs on which ones we think will be our faves.

How freaking hyped are you about the singles? Which do you think is going to be your fave? Did you manage to get tickets to see Louis on tour? Chat with us in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let’s talk Tommo!

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