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Sweet Release(s): Hot New Music From Conan Gray, Picturesque and Abby K

Sweet Release(s): Hot New Music From Conan Gray, Picturesque and Abby K

Welcome to Sweet Release(s) – where we share with you our favorite new music from artists who might not be on your radar yet but will soon be stanning!

Sweet Release(s) Sweet Release(s) Sweet Release(s) Sweet Release(s) Sweet Release(s)
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‘Crimes’ – Picturesque

Hailing from Lexington, KY, rockband Picturesque has a hauntingly dark new single, perhaps releasing at the best time of year. Insane guitar riffs, amazing vocals a really dope rhythm and pace, this track is lyrically and vocally awesome. Instrumentally it has a mix of modern and classic rock. We imagine long-standing rock fans and others new to the scene both enjoying this track!

Learn more about Picturesque here

‘It Should Have Been Me’ – Abby K

Don’t let her age fool you, Abby K rocks out like the seasoned musician she is. She’s on our list this week with her new release ‘It Should Have Been Me’, an emotional song that goes through the roller-coaster of unrequited love. With a great hook and the kind of guitar solo that makes you stand in front of your mirror and pretend you’re the one on stage, Abby K has delivered the breakup song of the season!

Learn more about Abby K here

‘Bloodlines’ – Beware of Darkness

They say good things come to those who wait, and Beware of Darkness has proven the old adage right. Returning after a three-year hiatus, their new single ‘Bloodlines’ reminds us of everything we’ve missed about this band! This is a top-down, hair blown song that will leave you singing along on repeat for the entirety of your ride. Never leave us for so long again, please.

Learn more about Beware of Darkness here 

‘Problems’ – DeathByRomy

DeathByRomy has released the new music video for her latest single ‘Problems’ from her EP ‘Love U – To Death’. It’s a catchy dark pop song with some unmissable hip hop beats and some insanely relatable lyrics that will have you singing along in no time. The video is a great depiction of people trying to overcome their own problems and its a must watch!

Learn more about DeathByRomy here

‘Talk It Out’ – America Part Two

Warning: Strobe lighting is used in this video.

With its slow start, ‘Talk It Out’ takes you on a trip into a conversation where if two people hear each other out. Maybe all hope isn’t lost. It’s hard-hitting, emotive and powerful in its message. You can feel the frustration and energy in the vocals paired with the instruments. If you like music that can convey strong emotions it’s definitely worth checking out!

Learn more about America Part Two here

The Dark Pool – Thornhill

Thornhill makes our Sweet Release(s) list this week with their debut album ‘The Dark Pool’. This band is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re into heavier riffs and tortured vocals, trust us — this isn’t an album you want to overlook!

Learn more about Thornhill here

‘Dressed Down’ – Have Mercy

Hauntingly beautiful vocals with gentle instrumental this song really is ‘Dressed Down’. It’s raw and takes you to a place of reflection and makes a real emotional connection with the listener. The accompanying music video is simple yet effective in its message. A truly stripped back song in its most beautiful purest form.

Learn more about Have Mercy here

‘Maniac’ – Conan Gray

Conan Gray joins the list this week with his new release and corresponding music video ‘Maniac’. This is the most fun breakup song we’ve heard in a while and will have you tapping your feet even as you relate to the way Conan calls his ex a stalker and a psychopath. Hands up, we’ve all been there Conan. Thanks for the new theme song to our last relationship!

Learn more about Conan Gray here

‘Came For The Low’ – Zhu + PartyWithRay

Zhu and PartyWithRay have just dropped this club track with an accompanying music video that puts a playful spin on the recent planned Area 51 raid. The song its self starts upbeat twists into some chill up vocals then picks up the pace again. With some otherworldly samples and a head bouncing rhythm, this track is definitely an easy listen!

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Learn about Zhu here and PartyWithRay here

‘Our Story’ – Jeryko

Jeryko’s ‘Our Story’ makes our Sweet Release(s) list this week with a haunting melody and lyrics that beg for a different outcome. With raw vocals and even more raw emotion, Jeryko pours his heart out, inviting you in to witness a kind of pain we can all relate to. “Will you have to go, is this really our story?” We’re not sure, but we hope the story continues through the rest of his EP, which is out now.

Learn more about Jeryko here

‘Waiting in Line’ – Maria Taylor (featuring Adam Duritz)

Thanks to Maria’s gently beautiful vocals and harmonies with Adam Duritz, ‘Waiting in Line’ is a pretty poetic song. With a lyrical sadness, it is pure in its context of what is going on in Maria’s mind. You can definitely get that message from the song while enjoying its melody and vocals. Can someone pass the tissues, please? 

Learn more about Maria here

Sweet Release(s)
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So, which of these Sweet Release(s) are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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