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Yungblud Has Graced The Cover of FAULT Magazine! Here’s What We Learned From The Interview

Yungblud Has Graced The Cover of FAULT Magazine! Here’s What We Learned From The Interview

If you’re thirsting for some HQ pics of Yungblud, look no further – one of Yorkshire’s treasures is the latest cover star of FAULT magazine and is looking as fine as ever!

Following the release of his latest EP ‘The Underrated Youth‘, Yungblud has sat down with FAULT magazine to speak more in-depth about the new project. Here’s what we’ve learned from the feature.

Yungblud Fault Cover
Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

‘Braindead’ was the last track he wrote for the EP

Despite it being the opening of ‘The Underrated Youth’, ‘Braindead’ was in fact written last, and Dom wanted it to be like an explosion. “In this world, you’re surrounded by unjustified hate and hateful ideologies, and the song is a message the people above me, saying that I’d rather be brain dead than conform to your hateful ways,” he says in the interview.

“People will put you down in this world because of their insecurities and inability to see the wonder of your individuality. I don’t want my listeners to be put off from their individuality, I want them to embrace their differences.”

Despite being about a depressing subject, there’s a reason why ‘Parents’ isn’t a sad song

With the song being about a heavy and relatable topic, ‘Parents’ – as well as many of Yungblud’s songs – intentionally steered clear of being a gloomy track, as part of the special bond and relationship he has with his fans.

“I always want to project positivity because that’s what my fanbase does. Yungblud is about promoting hope and unity instead of dividing people. It’s about bringing people up instead of pushing them down, it’s about battling hate with messages of unity and positivity and beating the hate away with a bouquet of flowers – that’s what Yungblud is all about.”

It was also massively inspired by Eminem

“That song I was massively influenced by Eminem and it just needed to be positive and upbeat and make people laugh. That song isn’t about telling your parents to fuck off, it’s a tribute to individualism and a statement saying you’re the only one who knows what’s best for yourself.”

Yungblud Fault Cover
Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

We discover how the ‘Original Me’ collaboration came about

When discussing the collaboration with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, Yungblud reveals that it was Dan who came to him in terms of collabing together. “I was in New Orleans fighting with anxiety at the time and I received an email from Dan Reynold saying I think we should get on a song together.”

He added: “We have very similar messages and we got into the studio and we just jumped around and created the song. There’s real magic in the song and I’m proud of how it turned out. It feels really good.” I think we can all testify that Dan and Dom are like peanut butter and jelly – it just works, and the song seriously slaps.

There’s also an explanation of the meaning behind the EP’s artwork

Other than looking seriously sick, there’s more meaning behind the new EP’s artwork. “If you look at the EP cover it looks militant and like we’re an army because we are. My biggest fan account is called ‘Yungblud Army’ and when I saw that, it made me go “damn we really are an army.””

Yungblud almost shit his pants during the FAULT interview…

During the interview, Dom got very excited and claimed to shit his pants. Why?  “Because John Frusciante from the Chilly Peppers sent me a DM and said “the EP went sick dude and I can’t wait to scope it out”, absolutely crazy!” Now he knows how we feel whenever we get a notice!

Yungblud Fault Cover
Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

He also explains the juxtaposition of the EP’s last track, ‘Waiting on the Weekend’, which is quite a rare side we see from him

Talking about the final track, Dom explains the backstory of how it came about. “When I used to work in a guitar shop the manager at the shop was called Shane and he was really inspiring to me in terms of music. Shane had this outlook on music which was so incredible and it made me question my work constantly and I loved it. We wrote Waiting On The Weekend together in the top floor of the shop I thought to myself about it being a side of me I haven’t shown yet so I’m going to put it on the last song of my EP.”

“It talks about my heart getting broken but still feeling like I have to put my heart on the line. There is fear that someone is going to break it, but also I’m saying not to worry because if you put your heart on a plate and someone decides to stab sure it’s going to hurt you, but that’s their problem, not yours. Never stop putting your heart on a plate and never stop being yourself.” HERE HERE!

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If you’re wondering what the most rewarding thing about being Yungblud is…

It’s not about the awards or the glitz and glam. “The most magical thing to me isn’t the gold disks or creating a smash hit, it’s about the mutual feeling I have with my fanbase. We say the same thing to each other, and it’s “you saved my fucking life”.” See, this is why we stan!

Yungblud Fault Cover
Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

We love a good interview and we already feel a lot closer to Dom as well as Yungblud being equally our identity as it is his.

You can read more of the Yungblud interview for FAULT Magazine right here

What did you find most interesting from the interview? Which look from the shoot did Yungblud look most iconic in? Share your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP while we go blast ‘The Underrated Youth’ yet again.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Edge Publicity

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