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Flawes x ROZES Take Us to a Ghost Town

Flawes x ROZES Take Us to a Ghost Town


Proving yet again that there must be something in the water across the pond, London-based indie-pop band Flawes has released a brand new track, featuring ROZES. To say we’re obsessed would be a total understatement.

Here at THP, we’ve had “Ghost Town” on repeat and woven into several of our playlists just to make sure we can have a daily jam out. With somber lyrics and a music video to match, the upbeat pop melody soothes every bit of hurt in your heart as you sing along.

Check out our interview with Flawes below!


So you recently dropped a new single, “Ghost Town,” featuring ROZES. Can you tell us about the track? What’s the story and inspiration behind it?
JC : Ghost Town is about being stuck in a relationship where convenience has been put ahead of love in terms of importance. All the excitement, passion and friendship has expired and the relationship itself left resembling a Ghost Town.

What prompted the collaboration and how did you decide to work with ROZES?
JC : Initially the song wasn’t written to be a duet, but it seemed to just make so much sense to have both sides of the story. We’d been a fan of ROZES for a while so reached out to her team. When she said yes we were over the moon!

Did you enjoy working with ROZES? What was that like?
JC : We didn’t actually meet each other until we filmed the music video in Philadelphia. Everything had previously been done via phone calls and skypes. The whole process was so much fun though and we got on so well. I can’t wait to one day perform it live with her.

The music video that accompanies the single is very somber and dark and represents the lyrics well. Is there a particular reason you went that way instead of something unrelated to the lyrics, like most artists seem to do?
JC : Thank you, that was our plan. It just seemed to make the most sense that way. We loved the idea of making it spooky too and incorporating the flashing light ghost element too with it only being a week away from Halloween. 

You’ve announced a full-length album, Highlights, that’s set to release January 31. Is Ghost Town a good representation of what we can expect with that or are there surprises in store? 
HUSS: There will definitely be a few surprises in store… even to us I think when we were writing them! We love every song on there, they all sit nicely together but are all a different representation of Flawes and our journey writing this album. 

Which track are you most excited for the world to finally hear?
HUSS: I can’t wait for people to hear track 6, the title track of the album, ‘Highlights’. When I heard the demo for this song after day 1 in the studio, I literally couldn’t turn it off. Hopefully, it has the same effect on you guys.

What was the writing and recording process for the full-length like? What were your goals upon walking into that first initial studio session for Highlights?
JC: It differs from song to song, we don’t like to put any rules on the writing process. We want everything to feel as natural and honest as possible without any restrictions or pressures put on us. Some songs started in a bedroom in Huddersfield, others in a studio in Los Angeles, it’s a totally mixed bag.  

Did the final product turn out the way you originally expected it to?
HUSS: I’m honestly not sure what we were expecting, the production and the sound of this album is something that has evolved really naturally over the last 3 years, for us it’s something we’re all really happy with and proud of. 

You recently performed a headlining show in London, that’s exciting! How was the crowd? Was it different to organize and set up a headlining show as opposed to an opening show?
FE: It was an awesome night! We also played in Huddersfield that week to another rammed venue. It’s so nice playing to a crowd that are there specifically to support your music – there’s always a great atmosphere in the room!  

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What was your favorite moment from that show?
FE: For me it was playing the song ‘Still Not Ready’. It’s a track from the album that’s not been released yet and it seems to work really well live. We’ve extended the outro and it gives me and the guys an opportunity to go a little crazy! 

Speaking of live shows, you’re about to embark on a European tour with AJR. What are you most looking forward to with that?
FE: I think the most exciting thing for me is the fact that we’ll be heading out to countries that we’ve never played in before. We’re all big fans of what AJR do too, so watching them play live every night will be awesome.  

Finally, what is one thing you want new listeners and fans to know about Flawes?
FE: We’re super happy you found the music, and hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy making it! There’s lots of exciting stuff coming in the near future, and hope to see you at a show sometime soon.  

Check out the video for “Ghost Town”


Image: Courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

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