QUIZ: Which Song From the Nella Vita Tour Setlist Are You?

QUIZ: Which Song From the Nella Vita Tour Setlist Are You?

Our favorite Philly band recently finished up their first-ever headlining tour across America and we’re seriously missing it! So, we decided it was absolutely necessary to get back into the spirit of the Nella Vita tour.

Ever wonder if you’re more of a “Fever Dream” or more of a “Just Right?” Well, the time has come to receive your answer!

Take the quiz below and let us know your results! Here at THP, we’re an “Atlantic,” without a doubt.

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Please keep in mind that this is all for fun and the results you receive are not meant to be taken seriously!

Check out Grayscale’s latest music video!

You can check out our other (more serious) stories on the band here!


Featured image and video: Jordan Mizrahi

Result images

In Violet: Bre Cura
Baby Blue: KFP Live
Palette: Emily Hartmann
Mum: Mads
YOUNG: Angela Leung
Painkiller Weather: Bre Cura
In My Arms: KFP Live
Forever Yours: Angela Leung
Old Friends: Sarah Rodriguez
Just Right: Brandon Dacosta
Slipping Away: Jordan Mizrahi
Twilight (My Heaven): KFP Live
Beautiful Things: Jordan Mizrahi
Fever Dream: Mads
Atlantic: Sarah Rodriguez
Tommy’s Song: Bre Cura
Slept: Jordan Mizrahi

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[…] ‘Painkiller Weather’ is one of the most heart-breakingly beautiful songs to grace our earwaves for decades. We didn’t think it was possible to make this song better, but damn these dudes did the damn thing. The use of piano? It was made for this song. Who can we thank? Sykler Patzer. Patzar is the human behind that lovely little piano arrangement on Punk Goes Acoustic ‘Atlantic’ track. Molster had written the acoustic, bass, and drum loop parts for this one, and sent it off to Patzar. And there, a masterpiece was created.  […]


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