QUIZ: Which Song From the Nella Vita Tour Setlist Are You?

QUIZ: Which Song From the Nella Vita Tour Setlist Are You?

Our favorite Philly band recently finished up their first-ever headlining tour across America and we’re seriously missing it! So, we decided it was absolutely necessary to get back into the spirit of the Nella Vita tour.

Ever wonder if you’re more of a “Fever Dream” or more of a “Just Right?” Well, the time has come to receive your answer!

Take the quiz below and let us know your results! Here at THP, we’re an “Atlantic,” without a doubt.

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1. What is your favorite color?

2. What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?

3. Which do you prefer?

4. What is your favorite kind of food?

5. What is your favorite season?

6. Who is your favorite member of Grayscale?

7. What is your preferred drink?

8. Who knows you best?

9. How would your friends describe you?

10. What is your favorite kind of weather?

Which Song Off the Nella Vita Tour Setlist Are You?

In Violet

Nella Vita Tour

You tend to be very in-tune with your feelings and the feelings of others around you! When you're not spending your free time wrapping crystals or reading tarot cards, you can be found reading horoscopes from several different apps or writing in your bullet journal and burning incense. When your friends are feeling off, they come to you for advice and you don't hesitate to give it to them. (Image: Bre Cura)
Baby Blue

Nella Vita Tour

"You're always so happy," is probably something you hear a lot. You keep a smile plastered on your face and you've perfected a constantly pleasant tone, but you tend to keep people at arm's length in fear of them noticing your inner struggle. It's okay to ask for help, you don't always have to be the strong one. Let your friends in and bask in the love they're able to give. (Image: KFP Live)

Nella Vita Tour

Basic b*tch, influencer, Becky, or VSCO girl; it doesn't matter what label you prefer, both mean the same thing and your photo likely sits directly under the definition in the dictionary. Your favorite thing in the world is a venti pumpkin spiced latte and you can be found wearing UGGs throughout the entire year. When you're not taking selfies or hash tagging away, you spend your time starting lines outside of concert venues at 2am three days before the show. (Image: Emily Hartmann)

Nella Vita Tour

If you look up pop-punk in the dictionary, your face will be plastered all over the page. Angst, anger, and hating your hometown are staples in your everyday life. Your closet is full of flannels, band tees, and vans sneakers while your desk drawer probably has multiple disposable cameras full of film in need of developing. Oh, and don't forget about the band you started in high school with your three best friends. Did you ever make it beyond your first EP? (Image: Mads)

Nella Vita Tour

You are a true underdog story! Think Neville Longbottom or Luke Skywalker, that's you. You're a Jedi, Harry. You've been kicked around and beaten up and nobody was counting on your win, but you got back out there and showed the world just what you're made of. Congrats! You're the real hero of this tale! (Image: Angela Leung)
Painkiller Weather

Nella Vita Tour

You, my friend, are the queen of self-deprecating humor. You deal with all of your trauma and embarrassing moments by making fun of it and no one is ever 100% sure if you're going to be okay when they leave. You smile through the tears and use a mantra of "it's not THAT bad" to get through your day. (Image: Bre Cura)
In My Arms

Nella Vita Tour

It's Saturday night and you're free from work, time to change into that strappy top and denim mini skirt before a night on the town. You won't remember anything the next morning and all your weekend stories are from someone else's point of view. YOLO. (Image: KFP Live)
Forever Yours

Nella Vita Tour

You are the epitome of hopeless romantic. Think candles and rose pedals and dream dinner dates beneath the Eiffel Tower or long walks on the beach at sunset. You believe in destiny and thrive off Disney movies. You search high and low for your Prince Charming or your Sleeping Beauty. You are all of this and so much more. (Image: Angela Leung)
Old Friends

Nella Vita Tour

Polaroids cover every surface in your room and you love reorganizing them, old-school video game consoles are hooked up to your TV, and you spend all of your time looking back on the "good old days." Often so much so that you don't even notice that your current life is passing you by. You're full of nostalgia and you're pretty sure you were born in the wrong year, but you make up for it by thrifting and sporting common styles from the 80s. (Image: Sarah Rodriguez)
Just Right

Nella Vita Tour

You're known for your incredible attention to detail; you tend to remember the little things about people that no one else does. When you speak to someone, you always use their name directly. Your presence tends to make others feel safe and calm. You're like the human embodiment of sunshine and people enjoy your company. (Image: Brandon Dacosta)
Slipping Away

You know that line "I came out swinging from a South Philly basement." Wrong Philly band, same idea, and that's you. You're a fighter and people probably call you hard-headed or stubborn on the regular. You know what you want and you won't hesitate to cause a riot if something gets in your way. (Image: Jordan Mizrahi)
Twilight (My Heaven)

Nella Vita Tour

you a hoe (Image: KFP Live)
Beautiful Things

Nella Vita Tour

You're an optimist, always looking on the bright side of things or trying to find the simplest things to make your day better. When your friends are having a bad day, they look to you to point out the silver lining and cheer them up. It doesn't matter how hard things get, you'll always find something good within it. (Image: Jordan Mizrahi)
Fever Dream

Nella Vita Tour

Any day of any given week, you're likely to be found in the crowd of your favorite band. Concerts are your safe-haven, your escape and there's no place you'd rather be. You spend all your time counting down until the next time you're able to be pressed against that barricade, getting lost in the sound of screaming lyrics back at the band with thousands of other people around. This is where you belong. (Image: Mads)

Nella Vita Tour

The chances of you being the chaotic friend are high. Anytime you say, "hey I have an idea" all of your friends panic and know it means you're about to drag them all into something crazy, but they always go for it. You're always up for a good time and want to make sure everyone else around you is having good time, too. You're the life of the party and always the last to leave. (Image: Sarah Rodriguez)
Tommy's Song

Nella Vita Tour

You're the empath of the group. You connect with other people emotionally and you're always a shoulder to cry on. You never leave anyone feeling lonely because you know how it's felt to be lonely. You reach out when you notice a shift in someone's energy. You're always offering words of encouragement and affirmations of love for those around you. You're kind and warm and you make sure everyone knows they're not alone in anything. (Image: Bre Cura)

Hate to break it to you, but you have no rights. (Image: Jordan Mizrahi)

Please keep in mind that this is all for fun and the results you receive are not meant to be taken seriously!

Check out Grayscale’s latest music video!

You can check out our other (more serious) stories on the band here!


Featured image and video: Jordan Mizrahi

Result images

In Violet: Bre Cura
Baby Blue: KFP Live
Palette: Emily Hartmann
Mum: Mads
YOUNG: Angela Leung
Painkiller Weather: Bre Cura
In My Arms: KFP Live
Forever Yours: Angela Leung
Old Friends: Sarah Rodriguez
Just Right: Brandon Dacosta
Slipping Away: Jordan Mizrahi
Twilight (My Heaven): KFP Live
Beautiful Things: Jordan Mizrahi
Fever Dream: Mads
Atlantic: Sarah Rodriguez
Tommy’s Song: Bre Cura
Slept: Jordan Mizrahi

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