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Dear Monbebe: Your Feelings Are Valid

Dear Monbebe: Your Feelings Are Valid

Dear Monbebe,

We see you on Twitter trending #WonhoComeBack, #WeLoveYouWonho, #원호탈퇴반대 (Reverse it), Monbebe. No matter the hashtag, they all express the same sentiment. And we’re here to tell you that we understand and we’re sorry you’re hurting.

Unexpectedly losing a band member from your favorite group is always a hard pill to swallow. You feel betrayed, confused, and an overwhelming concern for both the departed member as well as the rest of the group.

This is hard. And we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to grieve. As stans ourselves, we’ve grown up with the same criticisms you have: “It’s just a band,” “You’re so dramatic,” “Grow up.” Don’t listen to them, Monbebe.

But your sorrow is justified. And it’s hard to even communicate to the people in your life who don’t have as much invested as you. We know Wonho is alive and well – so the grief is confusing. But we know we won’t hear from him again and somehow that makes the goodbye even more painful

As Monbebes ourselves here at THP, we don’t care about anything except how Wonho and the rest of Monsta X are feeling. It breaks our heart to read on Twitter know that the band and their fanbase are sad.

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Please remember that no matter what happens in life – and we all know events like this are as inevitable as they are painful – nothing will take away the memories you have. Lock them in your heart. They belong to you and we hope they bring you comfort.

Monsta X will forever remain a seven-piece at heart. For us. For you. And for the band. Stand strong, Monbebe. We love you.

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