Hocus Pocus 2- It’s really happening!

Hocus Pocus 2- It’s really happening!

Disney have just announced that there is definitely a Hocus Pocus 2 in the works. Yes you heard that right! They have signed Jen D’angelo, a writer and co producer of workaholics, to write the script for the new movie.

It’s still in its early stages but it will eventually be added to Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ which launches November 12th. And let us tell you, we’re READY to have a spell put on us!

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Hocus Pocus was released in 1993 starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters. And, in the 26 years since its first release it has gained a cult following, with many fans demanding a sequel. Some of them even spread false rumours on social media, including fake memes. The Sanderson sisters even have their own Halloween holiday show at Walt Disney world.

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Unfortunately there has been no confirmation that Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy will be returning to their original roles. But, fear not because Jen D’Angelo has been asked to persuade them to join the project, even if it isn’t to reprise their roles.

Many fans will agree though that they HAVE to be in it. Maybe just a cameo? Cause it just wouldn’t be Hocus Pocus without them!

It’s still in the early stages at the moment, so we haven’t been given a release date. However this is no fake news, it really is happening this time.

Get your broomsticks ready for Hocus Pocus 2! Are you as excited as we are? Tell us what you think of this news @TheHoneyPop

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