7 Moments From the Yungblud ‘Die A Little’ Music Video That Totally Made Our Skin Crawl

7 Moments From the Yungblud ‘Die A Little’ Music Video That Totally Made Our Skin Crawl

Yungblud totally nailed the theme for Halloween as he released the much-anticipated music video for his single, ‘Die A Little’.

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The single was released as part of the soundtrack for controversial Netflix show ’13 Reasons Why’ for their third season which came out earlier this year, with other features including 5 Seconds of Summer and Lauv.

Though we had to wait some time, Dom’s video’s release couldn’t have been more perfectly timed for the spookiest, creepiest time of the year. And that’s definitely the theme of the video as Yungblud is bedeviled by someone – or something – in this masterpiece directed by Andrew Sandler. Here are 7 things that totally made our skin crawl from the ‘Die A Little’ video.

1. His Mephistophelean eyes

Yungblud Die A Little
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In the opening scenes of the video, Yungblud is brought into an eerie room for questioning and when the bag is taken off of his head, we see a closeup of his darkened pupils, signifying that it’s not Dom who’s in charge of that body. The bloodshot veins and the abnormality of his eyes sent shivers down our spines when we realized we were face to face (or, uh, screen) with a mind-controlling being.

2. The movement in his skin

Yungblud Die a Little
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What really made our skin crawl was seeing Yungblud’s skin literally crawl. That’s definitely not an unusual party trick of sorts, something’s definitely taken over him and we’re feeling so uneasy but can’t stop watching.

3. When the angered beast inside him came shooting out

Yungblud Die A Little
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Boy, were we glad we weren’t snacking on our Halloween candy for this one or we’d be recreating this ourselves with a more rainbow effect… disgusting. Yet we love it.

4. The screams…

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Say, uh, Dom? Has your mouth always been that big? We’ve never noticed…not that it’s a bad thing but in this setting and evil laughter, it just not sitting right with us.

5. The way his body involuntarily thrashes around

Yungblud Die A Little
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This is definitely a scene we’ve seen before… in our nightmares.

6. When Yungblud was nowhere to be seen…

Yungblud Die a Little
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The moment where Dom is gone and a human-shaped fiend is in his place was utterly spine-tingling.

7. The blood smears and corpses

Yungblud Die A Little
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We’ve seen our fair share of fake blood today but the realism of this video’s ending really had the hairs on the back of our necks stand up as we came to terms with what we had just witnessed.

Watch these totally gruesome moments come together as they unfold to tell the horrific tale of the ‘Die A Little’ music video plot.

Warning: the following video contains flashing images

What did you think of Yungblud’s ‘Die A Little’ music video? Was there a moment that made you squirm or cover your eyes? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP while we go and watch Nightmare Before Christmas to calm down.

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